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Introduction to Digital Art

This post is part of a series called Digital Art for Beginners.
The Brush Panel and Using a Tablet

Photoshop is an excellent tool for manipulating photographs but it can also be used as a means to create stunning digital art. This tutorial is part of a 25-part video tutorial series demonstrating everything you will need to know to start producing digital art in Photoshop. Digital Art for Beginners, by Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor, Martin Perhiniak will begin by teaching you how to draw in Photoshop. At the conclusion of this series you will know all you need to produce your own concept art and matte paintings in Photoshop.

Today's tutorial Part 1: Introduction to Digital Art will provide an overview of digital art in general and will explain the most essential things you will need to know in Photoshop to work efficiently. You will learn how to customize the user interface, create your own panels, and how to work with Layer comps to easily switch between different compositions. Let's get started!

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