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Inking a Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop


In a recent course, I covered the full process of creating a professional digital painting using Adobe Photoshop. In this short video tutorial, I'll show you one of the steps in that process: completing a more refined line drawing on top of the initial sketch. This is the ink layer, and it helps us clean up our idea and make a much sharper line drawing that can be presented to a client for approval.

Watch the Tutorial

Watch the Full Course

The full course, Professional Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop, will teach you how to create professional digital paintings using Adobe Photoshop. I'll cover the entire process in detail, from blank canvas all the way to final presentation. 

You’ll learn many easy techniques for creating high quality digital artwork, and no matter what skill level you start with, you’ll take your art to new heights. You’ll complete two complete projects: a painting of a character’s face and then a full body character illustration.

Final result of Professional Digital Painting courseFinal result of Professional Digital Painting courseFinal result of Professional Digital Painting course

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