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Improve Your Portraits With This Subtle Skin Shading Technique

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What You'll Be Creating

Skin shading is probably the most time-consuming part of creating a vector portrait. Viewers rarely focus on it, but if it's done badly, it'll bring the overall quality of your piece down.

In this video tutorial from my Advanced Vector Portraits course, you'll learn to create skin that looks completely realistic. I'll teach you a detailed yet simple technique to create subtle skin shading for a vector portrait. 

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Watch the Full Course

Learning to draw the human figure and create stunning vector portraits can be very tricky indeed. In the full course, Advanced Vector Portraits, I’ll introduce you to more advanced techniques that will push your creativity and help develop your own styles in vector portraits.

Final result of Advanced Vector Portraits course

You’ll learn more about skin shading, as well as techniques such as basic colour manipulation, working with a restricted palette, adding a texture and much more.

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