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Illustrator in 60 Seconds: How to Create a Custom Stipple Brush

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Welcome to our Illustrator in 60 Seconds series, in which you can learn an Illustrator skill, feature, or technique in just a minute!

Illustrator in 60 Seconds: How to Create a Custom Stipple Brush

Always wanted to create your very own Stipple brush, but never knew exactly how?

Well, if that's the case, take a look at the entire process in the video below, and use the written steps if you get lost.

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How to Create a Custom Stipple Brush

Start by setting up a 200 x 200 px document, in the center of which we will position a 128 x 128 px circle that we’re going to convert into a custom guide and then use to position our brush’s composing shapes.

creating the reference surface

Using the Blob Brush Tool (Shift-B), create a couple of different sized circles, making sure to position the larger ones towards the inside.

Once you’re done, open up the Brushes panel and, with all the shapes selected, click on New Brush, making sure to set the brush type to Scatter.

creating the scatter brush

As soon as the Brush Options window appears, start adjusting the brush by setting its Size to Pressure and then lowering its minimum value to just 28%.

Next, lower the Spacing to 40%, setting the Rotation to Random and giving it a 60º angle, making sure to set the Colorization Method to Tints so that you can change its color when you need to.

Once you’re done, simply hit OK and you should now have a custom stipple brush that you can use in any future project.

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