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How to Use the Mesh Tool in CorelDRAW

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The Mesh Tool in CorelDRAW can help you create some great effects, but it can also be a little complex to use. So in this short video tutorial from my recent CorelDRAW course, I'll show you how to create a mesh object and edit the colors, properties, and node location. In the end, we'll render a simple sphere together.

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In the full course, Getting Started With CorelDRAW, you'll get to know the tools, dockers, and other fantastic functions of CorelDRAW x7. We'll cover each docker, navigating some commonly used ones, and show an organized view of the user interface. We'll also go through the process of creating brushes, patterns, and PowerClips, all of which are commonly used in other vector programs. 

In the final chapter of the course we'll create a project using many of the tools, dockers, and techniques covered in previous lessons, allowing you to use your newfound knowledge and setting you up for a great experience in using CorelDRAW.

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