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How to Make a Star in InDesign

Read Time: 3 mins
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Read Time: 3 mins
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What You'll Be Creating

Have you always wanted to learn how to make a star in Adobe InDesign? During this tutorial, you will learn how to use the document grid, the Pen Tool, and the Polygon Tool. You'll finish this tutorial with an arsenal of useful skills and a beautiful star, which you can use for flyers or even as part of an illustration.

What You'll Learn in This Tutorial on How to Make a Star in InDesign

  • How to make a 5 point star in InDesign using the Polygon Tool
  • How to make a star shape in InDesign using the document grid

What You'll Need

1. How to Make a 5 Point Star in InDesign Using the Polygon Tool

Step 1

Open the fashion flyer template in InDesign. Select the Polygon Tool and create a shape in InDesign by holding down the Shift key.

Create a shape using the polygon toolCreate a shape using the polygon toolCreate a shape using the polygon tool

Step 2

With the shape and the Polygon Tool still selected, press Option and click the shape. The Polygon dialog box should appear.

Polygon dialog boxPolygon dialog boxPolygon dialog box

Step 3

Change the Number of Sides to 5 and the Star Inset to 50%. Click OK.

Change sides to 5Change sides to 5Change sides to 5

Step 4

Copy (Command-C) and Paste (Command-V) this star and place the two yellow stars on either side of the 70% text.

Add more starsAdd more starsAdd more stars

2. How to Make a Star Shape in InDesign Using the Document Grid

Step 1 

Open the fashion flyer in InDesign, if you haven't already. Go to View > Grids & Guides > Show Document Grid. You should now see a grid on your pasteboard. If you don't see a grid, then your display mode is in preview. Press W on your keyboard to get out of preview mode. Zoom in (Command-+) on the pasteboard. 

Add document gridAdd document gridAdd document grid

Step 2

Select the Pen Tool (P) and make a star shape. Use the document grid to keep the sides similar in size.

Create a star with pen toolCreate a star with pen toolCreate a star with pen tool

Step 3

If you need to adjust your star, select the Direct Selection Tool (A). Select a point on the star and adjust it. For this example, I am adjusting the bottom middle point on my star (highlighted in red).

Use the direct selection toolUse the direct selection toolUse the direct selection tool

All Done!

You just learned how to create a shape in InDesign. The effect of a star can be used for anything from flyers to cards.

Add outline starAdd outline starAdd outline star

Learn InDesign Basics!

Learning how to make a star in InDesign is fairly easy. InDesign has a lot of hidden features and tools that make it much more powerful than it seems. These resources will help you make sense of InDesign from the inside out. With loads of practical tutorials, you'll learn how to create a table, create text box links, make a triangle, and so much more in InDesign.

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