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How to Make a Polaroid Template in Photoshop

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What You'll Be Creating

Are you wondering how to make a polaroid template in Photoshop? Today, I am going to show you a simple way to create one! We will use shapes, textures, and layer style effects to achieve the result.

What You'll Learn in This Photoshop Tutorial

  • How to prepare the document
  • How to create a Photoshop polaroid frame template
  • How to put your photo into a Photoshop polaroid frame template
  • How to create a Photoshop polaroid collage template

Tutorial Assets

You'll need the following resources in order to complete this tutorial:

1. How to Prepare the Document

Step 1

Let's get started by setting up a New Document by pressing Control-N. Set the document size to 1500 by 1000 px.

Creating a new document

Step 2

After that, go to File > Place and put the wood texture above the background layer.

placing the overlay texture

2. How to Create a Photoshop Polaroid Frame Template

Step 1

Now let's create the first element of our stripe. Hit U to create a Rectangle Shape. Make sure the Stroke setting is off, and create a shape with the following size: 

  • Width: 650 px
  • Height: 800 px
Creating the first shape

Step 2

Create another rectangle shape, but use the following settings:

  • Width: 580 px
  • Height: 580 px
Creating the second shape

Step 3

Select both shapes and the Background layer, and Align them to the Center of the document.

aligning the elements

Step 4

And finally, move the second shape up 65 px while holding Shift.

moving the second shape

Step 5

Now we need to place the paper texture above the first shape, and after that Right Click > Create a Clipping Mask.

creating a clipping mask

Step 6

This paper's texture looks pretty dark, so let's make it brighter. Select the texture and then go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast and use the following settings: Brightness: 145; Contrast: 0

changing the brightness of the texture

Step 7

And for the last step here, let's add a shadow to our template. Select the first shape and Double-Click on it, and then select Drop Shadow and use the following settings:

  • Color: Black
  • Blend Mode: Multiply
  • Opacity: 45%
  • Distance: 11
  • Spread: 10
  • Size: 8

adding a shadow layer style

3. How to Put Your Photo Into a Photoshop Polaroid Frame Template

Now we can easily put our photo into the template. Simply place the photo above the second shape and Right Click > Create a Clipping Mask.

creating a clipping mask for a photo

This is how our image should look:

How the image should look like

4. How to Create a Photoshop Polaroid Collage Template

Step 1

If you want to create multiple polaroid frames, all you need to do is group all the elements. Select them in the Layers panel and hit Create a New Group.

creating a group of layers

Step 2

After that, create two duplicates of this group by pressing Control-J.

creating duplicates of the group

Step 3

Remove the photos from the last two groups, and replace them with any other photos.

placing the photos

Step 4

Once you've placed the photos, you can transform the template groups by pressing Control-T. Feel free to move and rotate them to fit your needs!

moving and transforming the templates

Awesome Work, You're Now Done!

Here is our final result! Now you know how to make a polaroid template in Photoshop using simple shapes and textures. Feel free to share your results in the comments below!

Final Result

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