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How to Make a Halftone Pattern in Photoshop

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Halftone is a technique that simulates a gradient of shades with limited tones—often, black and white. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to do halftones in Photoshop in three different ways.

Watch a video on how to do halftones in Photoshop! Follow us on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

Want to save time? Check out Envato Elements and download many premium color halftone Photoshop actions for a low monthly subscription fee. Looking for halftone patterns and halftone texture resources? Look through the ones below:

1. How to Create a Halftone Pattern in Photoshop, Method 1

Let's begin learning how to create an awesome halftone texture.

Step 1

Go to Filter > Filter Gallery. Go to the Sketch tab and find Halftone Pattern in Photoshop.

halftone pattern filterhalftone pattern filterhalftone pattern filter

Step 2

Here, you can adjust the settings to achieve the look of a halftone effect in Photoshop.

halftone pattern optionshalftone pattern optionshalftone pattern options
simple halftone patternsimple halftone patternsimple halftone pattern

Step 3

This method is the easiest and it provides a real-time preview, but the dots are blurry and the effect is not really convincing. To make it sharper, you can add a Threshold adjustment.

threshold adjustmentthreshold adjustmentthreshold adjustment

Step 4

Adjust the Threshold Level to get the contrast you need.

create halftone with thresholdcreate halftone with thresholdcreate halftone with threshold

2. How to Make a Halftone Pattern in Photoshop, Method 2

Let's move on to the second method to make a halftone pattern in Photoshop.

Step 1

Go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.

desaturate imagedesaturate imagedesaturate image

Step 2

Go to Filter > Pixelate > Color Halftone. Change the Channel values to 0. Set the Radius—this will be the maximum size of the dots in your halftone pattern.

color halftone filtercolor halftone filtercolor halftone filter

This effect is quick and natural, but because it doesn't provide a preview, it may require a few takes to get the result you want.

halftone texturehalftone texturehalftone texture

3. How to Create a Halftone Pattern in Photoshop, Method 3

Let's go over one more method to create a premium halftone texture.

Step 1

Go to Image > Mode > Grayscale. Click Discard.

discard colorsdiscard colorsdiscard colors

Step 2

Go to Image > Mode > Bitmap. Set the Resolution to the current one or higher. For the Method, select Halftone Screen.

bitmap halftone screenbitmap halftone screenbitmap halftone screen

Step 3

The Frequency controls the density of the dots. The Angle affects the direction of the rows of dots. You can also use shapes other than dots for your halftone pattern.

halftone screen settingshalftone screen settingshalftone screen settings
halftone pattern realistichalftone pattern realistichalftone pattern realistic

4. How to Make a Colorful Halftone Pattern in Photoshop

Now, let's talk about adding a few hues! Here's how to make a color halftone in Photoshop.

Step 1

If you want to colorize your halftone pattern in Photoshop, just go to Image > Mode and change the mode to something with colors.

Then take the Gradient Tool (G), pick a colorful gradient, and change its mode to Screen.

gradient tool settingsgradient tool settingsgradient tool settings

Step 2

Drag the tool over the canvas to colorize the halftone pattern.

colorize blak and whitecolorize blak and whitecolorize blak and white
colorized halftone patterncolorized halftone patterncolorized halftone pattern

Good Job! You've Created an Awesome Color Halftone Photoshop Effect!

Now you know how to do halftones in Photoshop. Just look at the result of all your hard work! Awesome, isn't it? You can make even more awesome halftone patterns in Photoshop.

how to make halftone patternhow to make halftone patternhow to make halftone pattern

5 Premium Halftone Pattern Photoshop Actions From Envato Elements

If you don't have the time or interest to create your own halftone Photoshop action, check out the premium options from Envato Elements.

In case you didn't know, Envato Elements is a monthly subscription. With it, you get thousands of premium assets that will help you elevate your creative projects—all for a low monthly fee. There are Photoshop actions, graphics, photos, and plenty more. Now, let's check out some of the best Photoshop actions Envato Elements has to offer:

Colorful Halftone Photoshop Actions (ATN)

Colorful Halftone Photoshop ActionsColorful Halftone Photoshop ActionsColorful Halftone Photoshop Actions

It's easy to create halftone patterns in Photoshop. Still, you can make it better and faster with premium halftone effects. This halftone texture applies multiple color halftone effects to your images. It comes with different-sized dot actions for a cool Photoshop halftone effect.

Pinhole Dotted Halftone Photoshop Actions (ATN)

Pinhole Halftone Photoshop ActionsPinhole Halftone Photoshop ActionsPinhole Halftone Photoshop Actions

This set contains multiple dotted halftone textures with a variety of halftone pattern effects, all in black and white. You can run them one by one to pick the effect that you like the most. Creating a premium halftone gradient is fast and easy!

Dot Grid Photoshop Halftone Effect (ATN, PAT)

Dot Grid Photoshop ActionsDot Grid Photoshop ActionsDot Grid Photoshop Actions

This action is a modification of a traditional Photoshop halftone pattern. It creates an artistic effect that keeps the colors intact. With this color halftone Photoshop effect, you can choose between various dot sizes, as well as between two dot styles: fixed and variable. You'll get versatile dotted halftone effects in Photoshop.

Unique Halftone Gradient Photo Effect (ATN)

Unique Halftone Photo EffectUnique Halftone Photo EffectUnique Halftone Photo Effect

With this download, you won't only get an awesome halftone effect in Photoshop, but an original halftone gradient pattern too. Grab this dotted halftone texture for its high-quality effect, 4500x3000 resolution, Smart Object replacement, organized layers, and easily editable elements.

Engrave Dotted Halftone Texture (ATN, PAT, GRD)

Engrave Halftone Max ActionEngrave Halftone Max ActionEngrave Halftone Max Action

To finish off this short but amazing list of premium halftone effects in Photoshop, there's Engrave Dotted Halftone Texture. You can save hours of work and produce a professional halftone gradient effect.

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