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How to Make a Flyer Online With a Flyer Creator (Without Photoshop!)

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Read Time: 4 mins
Final product imageFinal product imageFinal product image
What You'll Be Creating

If you want to make a flyer, you don't need any super expensive software. You can easily make your own flyer online, using the Placeit flyer creator. It offers you many flyer templates that you can customize to your needs, so that you can design straight in your browser. Here I'll show you how to create a flyer in Placeit in a few easy steps.

Follow along with me over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube Channel:

How to Make a Flyer

Step 1

Go to Placeit.net. The site welcomes you with hundreds of templates for logos and mockups, but today we're interested in making a flyer. So just go to Designs and find the Flyer Maker.

placeit landing pageplaceit landing pageplaceit landing page

Step 2

If you have a specific theme in mind, you can type it here to narrow down your search. You can also just scroll through thousands of templates to see if something inspires you. I decided to give the Summer Party template a try—it looks very nice to me, and I can already see some potential for an interesting customization. Just click the template to open the editor.

placeit flyer templatesplaceit flyer templatesplaceit flyer templates

Step 3

Each template has certain sections that you can edit and customize. This one allows you to change the text, add a colorful filter, add a frame to the main text, and add an image for the background. Let's start our creation by changing the background image. This template offers a lot of beautiful images, but if you want a fully personalized effect, you can always add your own custom image.

Click Custom Image and pick your own image. Make sure it has a high enough resolution.

summer party flyer templatesummer party flyer templatesummer party flyer template
upload custom imageupload custom imageupload custom image
I used this image.

Step 4

Give it a moment to load. After the image is processed, you can crop it to fit the format of the flyer.

crop the imagecrop the imagecrop the image

Step 5

You can also move the image to create a more interesting frame. When you're done, just click Crop and let the editor do the magic for you.

move the imagemove the imagemove the image

Step 6

As you can see, all the filters have been added to your image automatically. If you want, you can customize the effect by changing the available filters. Just click them to see which effect looks the best on your design. I decided to choose the last one, to add sunset colors to my flyer.

change the filterchange the filterchange the filter
sunset filter flyersunset filter flyersunset filter flyer

Step 7

The overall design looks good, so now it's time to add the information. All the text areas can be found on the left. You can change the text and adjust its font and color here.

change font flyerchange font flyerchange font flyer

Changing the text and font can affect the layout of the elements, so feel free to adjust it manually as you see fit. This template allows you to grab and resize most of its elements in a very straightforward way.

adjust layout flyeradjust layout flyeradjust layout flyer

Step 8

Use this method to add all the relevant information to your flyer and to give it the intended look. There are many fonts to choose from, so test some of them to see which one works best for each element.

add information to flyeradd information to flyeradd information to flyer

Step 9

On this template, there's a frame around the main text that you can adjust. I decided to remove it because the sun in the background already looks like a nice frame.

add frame to flyeradd frame to flyeradd frame to flyer

Step 10

Finally, you can change the colors of the text separately for each element. You can pick one of the sample colors, or click More to choose from all the shades you can imagine.

change font colorchange font colorchange font color

Step 11

Our flyer looks amazing now! If you're happy with the results, go to the top of the page and click Download.

download flyer templatedownload flyer templatedownload flyer template

Here you can see the resolution and the price of your design. Click Purchase to finalize the process.

but flyer designbut flyer designbut flyer design

Step 12

Additionally, you can use one of the many flyer mockup templates that Placeit offers. It will help you see how your design works in practice, and your client will appreciate this form of presentation, too!

flyer mockupflyer mockupflyer mockup

Good Job!

Now you know how to make your own flyer using a flyer creator! If you're not convinced and you still prefer to use Photoshop, however, here are some beautiful flyer templates you could try:

If you're interested in flyer design, you may also like our other tutorials on this topic:

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