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How to Make a Colorful Pizza Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

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What could be better than cheese? How about a fresh, cheesy, spicy pizza? So today we’ll learn how to make easily a colorful pattern with pizza slices in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll use mostly the Pen Tool (P), some basic shapes, and the Pattern Tool (Object > Pattern > Make). Also, we’ll work with a bright and minimalist color palette.

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Now let’s start!

1. How to Make a Pizza Slice

Step 1 

First, create a New Document (File > New) following these settings:

  • Number of Artboards: 1 
  • Width: 800 px 
  • Height: 600 px 
  • Units: Pixels 
  • Сolor Mode: RGB 

Next, make two layers on the Layers panel:

  • Pizza Pattern
  • Background

Then, go to the View panel and turn Smart Guides (View > Smart Guides) on.

Creating of a document

Step 2

With the help of the Pen Tool (P), make a scalene triangle colored in orange (#f3b371).

Add (by using the Pen Tool again) a skewed rectangle and place it as the crust of our pizza slice. Color it in yellow (#fbe669).

Making of a basic shapes for a pizza slice

Step 3

Create a bright orange (#eb7b51) shape and place it behind the crust—it’ll be the shadow on the pizza slice.

Select the orange and the bright orange shape, and choose the Shape Builder Tool (Shift-M). With the Alt key pressed, click on the redundant part of the bright orange shape, and it’ll be deleted.

Making of a shadow for the slice

Step 4

To make a pepperoni slice, create a 17 x 17 px circle (using the Ellipse Tool (L)) and color it in magenta (#e23c88). Add three small pink (#f496b9) circles with different sizes on it.

Then make two Copies of the pepperoni slice and place them on the pizza slice.

Making of pepperoni slices

Step 5

Let's add basil leaves.

By using the Ellipse Tool (L), make a 10 x 25 px oval shape colored in purple (#7057a4). Then choose the Anchor Point Tool (Shift-C) and click on the top and the bottom anchors. 

Make a big random dark purple rectangle by using the Rectangle Tool (M) and place it on the right side of the purple shape. Delete any unnecessary parts by using the Shape Builder Tool (Shift-M).

Creating of the basil leaf

Step 6

Place two basil leaves on the pizza slice.

Ready pizza slice

2. How to Compose a Pattern 

Step 1

Select all the parts of the pizza slice. Go to Object > Pattern > Make

In the Pattern Options menu, set the Name: Pizza Pattern and 500 x 500 px size. Then, place as many pizza slices inside the blue lines as you like, but make sure that there are still some empty spaces between them. 

Placing of the pizza slices using the Pattern Tool

Step 2

Copy a pepperoni slice and place its copies between the pizza slices.

Placing of the pepperoni slices

Step 3

Do the same with the basil leaves.

Placing of the basil leaves

Step 4

With the help of the Rectangle Tool (M) and the Ellipse Tool (L), add appetizing drops of melted cheese. But not on each slice. 

When you're satisfied with the result, click Done on the upper menu panel. 

Adding of the drops of melted cheese

Step 5

Now you can find our pattern in the Swatches panel. Also you may change it anytime. Just click on the small Edit Pattern icon at the bottom of the Swatches panel.

Edit Pattern icon on the Swatches panel

Step 6

Create an 800 x 600 px solid rectangle and Align it to the Artboard. Click once on the pattern’s thumbnail on the Swatches panel. 

Applying of the pattern

Step 7

Add an 800 x 600 px solid blue (#2ab6d6) rectangle on the Background layer and Align it to the Artboard.

Adding of the Background layer

Step 8

To change quickly the size of our pattern go to Object > Transform > Scale. Then choose only Scale Pattern and set it to 95%

Changing of patterns size

Bon Appétit! 

Our tasty, fresh-baked pattern is perfectly done! I hope that you enjoyed the process. You can also experiment with the colors, proportion sizes, and ingredients! Please share your results in the comments. 

Colorful Pizza Pattern Adobe Illustrator Tutorial
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