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How to Italicize Text in InDesign

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What You'll Be Creating

Italics are a way to emphasize a word or a phrase that you want to stand out in a document. But the question is how to make text italic in InDesign.

This tutorial will show you exactly what you need to do. By the end of this tutorial, you will learn how to make text italic in InDesign, and I will show you how to fake italics in InDesign when an italic weight is not available.

What You'll Learn in This Italics in InDesign Tutorial

  • How to italicize in InDesign
  • How to fake italics in InDesign

What You Need

1. How to Italicize in InDesign

Step 1

Before we italicize in InDesign, install the Shallot font and place (File > Place) the home decor image. Grab the Selection Tool (V) and select the text frame you would like to italicize. 

Install font and place photoInstall font and place photoInstall font and place photo

Step 2

In the Character panel, click the Weight dropdown and select Italic. If you're having trouble finding the Character panel, go to Window > Types & Tables > Character.

Select italics in character panelSelect italics in character panelSelect italics in character panel

Step 3

You can use a shortcut for italicizing text by pressing Command-Shift-I on your keyboard. In this example, the Shallot Extra Bold Italic became the default.

Shortcut to italicize textShortcut to italicize textShortcut to italicize text

2. How to Fake Italics in InDesign

Step 1

Another way you can create italics in InDesign is by using the Skew feature, which is also known as false italics. Before we create false italics, change the weight back to Regular

Regular font weightRegular font weightRegular font weight

Step 2

In the Character panel, change the Skew to 10°.

Skew textSkew textSkew text

You Did It!

Thanks for following my tutorial on how to italicize text in InDesign. Use italics to emphasize titles, quotes, or anything else you want to bring attention to. Give it a try in your next design projects.

Italicize quoteItalicize quoteItalicize quote

Strengthen Your InDesign Skills!

You learned how to italicize text in InDesign, so now do you want to learn how to use some other features of Adobe InDesign? With these InDesign resources, you can practice your skills and learn how to make a clipping mask, fix overset text, and how to spell check. Applying these InDesign basics will make your work look more professional and make you a better creative.

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