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How to Draw Pokémon

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What You'll Be Creating

If you want to draw something but you don't consider yourself an artist, you can draw some Pokémon—they can be easily created out of simple shapes, and they're so heavily stylized that you don't need to worry about realism. 

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw three Pokémon with three levels of difficulty: Butterfree, Pikachu, and Charizard.

What You Will Need

If you draw digitally, you need two layers and an ink-like tool. If you draw traditionally, you need a pencil for the guide lines, and something darker for the final lines (marker, fine liner, etc). Remember to sketch the guide lines lightly, without pressing hard on the paper! Also, if you want to lower the level of difficulty, keep your drawings small—this way it will be easier for you to achieve the correct proportions.

1. How to Draw Pikachu

Step 1

Draw two squares, one upon another. You don't need to use a ruler if you can eyeball it correctly.

sketch silhouette of pikachu

Step 2

Draw a circle inside each square.

silhouette guide lines pikachu

Step 3

Draw the diagonals of the squares.

find the center with diagonals

Step 4

Draw a vertical middle line across the diagonals.

draw vertical line

Step 5

Draw two horizontal lines crossing both squares in the middle. Then draw a horizontal line just under them.

draw horizontal line

Step 6

Draw round pikachu thighs in the lower half of the lower square.

draw pikachu thighs

Step 7

Draw tiny feet under the thighs.

draw pikachu feet
pikachu paws

Step 8

Draw two circles between the two squares—these will be the shoulders.

draw pikachu shoulders

Step 9

Draw the basic shape of the arms.

draw basic shape of arms

Step 10

Give them thickness.

make the arms thick

Step 11

Finish the arms with rounded hands.

sketch pikachu hands
outline pikachu hands
draw pikachu fingers

Step 12

All the facial features will be placed inside this rectangular area. Sketch it.

prepare facial area pikachu

Step 13

Draw a line across the rectangle, slightly below halfway.

facial guide line

Step 14

Draw the round cheeks.

draw pikachu cheeks
pikachu cheeks done

Step 15

Draw the eyes in the upper corners of the rectangle. Don't make them perfectly circular—slightly tilted ovals will look cuter!

sketch pikachu eyes

Step 16

Add the shine dots to the eyes.

shine dots in eyes

Step 17

Draw the mouth and nose.

pikachu mouth guide lines
pikachu smile
pikachu nose

Step 18

Draw two small circles on the top of the head to create a base for the ears.

pikachu ear base

Step 19

Draw the length of the ears...

pikachu ear length

... and their thickness.

pikachuear thickness

Step 20

Sketch the basic shape of the tail.

pikachu shape of tail

Step 21

Draw lines roughly parallel to the vertical ones, and one long line at the tip.

draw pikachu tail

Step 22

Add tapering lines to the horizontal ones.

finish pikachu tail

Step 23

The sketch is done! Take a darker tool and outline the final lines.

outline pikachu body
outline pikachu details

Step 24

To make the illustration less flat, make the outline thicker.

how to draw pikachu step by step

2. How to Draw Butterfree

Step 1

Draw a "fat teardrop", slightly tilted. This will be the torso of our Butterfree.

draw torso of butterfree

Step 2

Add a big, circular head to the torso.

draw head of butterfree

Step 3

Draw two elongated ellipses for the legs. Make the one on the right longer.

draw legs of butterfree

Step 4

The main body is defined roughly, so let's add the wings now. First sketch their curve...

sketch the curve of upper wings butterfree

... then sketch a teardrop shape around it.

draw outline of wing butterfree

Step 5

Draw the rest of the wings the same way.

draw middle wings butterfree
outline middle wings butterfree
draw lower wings butterfree
outline lower wings butterfree

Step 6

But Butterfree has only two pairs of wings, doesn't it? That's right—connect two upper pairs to create the final shape of the upper wings.

outline whole upper wings butterfree

Step 7

With the main silhouette already established, we can go to the details now. Draw two tilted ovals for the eyes.

draw eyes of butterfree

Step 8

Two small circles on the torso will be the hands.

draw hands butterfree

Step 9

Draw zigzags across the circles to create the fingers.

draw fingers of butterfree
hands done butterfree

Step 10

Draw a circle where the mouth should be.

draw mouth of butterfree

Step 11

Cut it with a curve to create a smile.

draw smile of butterfree

Step 12

Draw two little fangs under it.

draw fangs of butterfree

Step 13

Draw the long antennae on the head.

draw antennae of butterfree
antennae tips butterfree
final antennae butterfree

Step 14

Draw ovals inside the eyes to make them more detailed.

draw pupils of butterfree
draw shine dots of butterfree

Step 15

Create the pattern on the wings:

draw pattern butterfree
wing pattern butterfree
butterfree pattern on the wings
butterfree wings how to draw

Step 16

Our sketch is done! Take a darker tool now and outline Butterfree.

butterfree outline
butterfreefukll draiwng

Step 17

Some parts can be filled with dark tones to create a nice contrast.

butterfree contrast

Step 18

To make the drawing more interesting without colors, make the main outline thicker.

how to draw butterfree step by step

3. How to Draw Charizard

Step 1

Draw a circle. This will be the lower body of our Charizard.

charizard lower body

Step 2

Create a snowman, adding a smaller circle on top.

charizard torso

Step 3

Stick another circle on top, this time with a "neck" in between.

charizard head and neck

Step 4

Attach the thighs to the bottom of the biggest circle.

charizard thighs

Step 5

Draw the ground line under the thighs.

charizard ground under feet

Step 6

Draw the oval feet.

charizard feet

Step 7

Attach the circular shoulders to the torso.

charizard shoulders

Step 8

Sketch the basic shape of the arms.

charizard shape of the arms

Step 9

Add circles for the elbows and hands.

charizard elbows and hands

Step 10

Attach three circles to each hand—these will be the fingers.

charizard fingers sketch

Step 11

Add a muzzle to the head.

charizard muzzle

Step 12

Draw a line across the head, keeping its roundness in mind.

charizard line across head

Step 13

Sketch the shape of the wings.

charizard wing base
charizard wing shape
charizardwing length
charizard wing fingers

Step 14

Sketch the direction of the tail.

charizard tail shape

Step 15

To give the tail a proper thickness, draw circles along it—first a big one, then smaller and smaller.

charizard tail thickness

Step 16

Time for the details of the face! Draw a flat heart to create the front of the muzzle.

charizard nose

Step 17

Sketch the nose holes.

charizard nose holes

Step 18

Draw the smile across the head.

charizard smile

Step 19

Add the fangs.

charizard fangs

Step 20

Draw the top of the muzzle.

charizard muzzle

Step 21

Draw the eyebrows.

charizard eyebrows

Step 22

Draw the typical manga eyes.

charizard eyes outline
charizard iris
charizard pupils
charizard shine dots

Step 23

Draw the horns.

charizard horns

Step 24

Outline the eyebrows.

charizard eyebrows thickness

Step 25

Add the claws.

charizard claws guide lines
charizard claws

Step 26

Draw additional circles in the wings, legs, and feet to better see the thickness you'll need to outline.

charizard additional guide lines

Step 27

Sketch the flame.

charizard flame

Step 28

The sketch is finished! Take a darker tool now and outline your Charizard.

charizard body outline
charizard details

Step 29

Don't forget to thicken the main outline to make the image more interesting.

how to draw charizard step by step

Good Job!

Now you know how to draw Butterfree, Pikachu, and Charizard. Do you want to draw other things following a simple step-by-step instruction? Check these out:

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