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How to Draw an Apple

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What You'll Be Creating

In this short tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw an apple. We’ll create two illustrations: one of a whole fruit and one of an apple cut in half.

Drawing an apple is an excellent opportunity to practice your shading skills. We’ll be using a graphite pencil and ink liners; these tools are a great choice for quick sketching exercises.

What You Will Need

  • an ink liner number 0.3
  • an ink liner number 0.1
  • an ink liner number 0.05
  • a graphite pencil (I recommend using an HB or B type)
  • a sheet of thick drawing paper
Art supplies I will be using

1. How to Draw an Apple

Step 1

I draw a rounded shape, using a graphite pencil. This shape doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical, so I make it taper towards the bottom.

Drawing a rough shape for the apple

Step 2

I slightly refine this shape and add a hollow with a stem.

Refining the apple drawing

Step 3

I add rounded ink hatches that repeat the contours of the apple. The 0.05 ink liner is an excellent tool for that.

I leave a thin line of the reflected light near the contour; without it, the shape will look flat. 

Adding the first layer of hatching

Step 4

I add more hatches to the bottom part of the fruit, using the 0.05 liner.

Adding new hatches

Step 5

With the 0.05 liner, I create an additional layer of hatching that crosses the existing lines.

Adding the cross-hatching

Step 6

I add some vertical hatches, using the 0.05 ink liner. Please note that the lines should conform to the contours of the object.

I also leave two spots of reflected light on the top of the apple.

Adding the vertical hatching

Step 7

With the 0.05 liner, I accentuate the three-dimensional look of the apple, applying long hatches to its sides. 

These lines are thicker, so it’s simple to increase the contrast in our drawing in no time.

Adding hatching to the sides of the apple

Step 8

With the 0.1 liner, I continue working on the core shadows, adding groups of rounded hatches to the sides of the apple.

Strengthen the core shadows

Step 9

I darken the lower part of the apple even more, applying thin, rounded hatches with the 0.05 ink liner.

Darkening the apple

Step 10

I tone down the highlights in the upper part of the object, using the 0.05 ink liner.

Working on the upper part of the drawing

Step 11

With the 0.1 liner, I create a drop shadow under the apple.

Drawing a drop shadow

Step 12

To make the texture of the apple more interesting, I add dots with the 0.3 liner in a random order.

Adding ink dots

2. How to Draw a Half of an Apple

Step 1

I draw a core line and add two halves of a distinctive apple-like form, using a graphite pencil. There is no need to make the shapes identical; let them be slightly different.

Sketching the core line and rough contours

Step 2

I mark the skin of the apple and add a long shape for the stem.

Refining the shape

Step 3

I refine the relief of the central part of the apple's half.

Drawing the central part of the apple

Step 4

I add two seeds to the core of the apple. This pencil sketch is ready for inking!

Drawing seeds

Step 5

I outline the main contours of the objects, using the 0.3 ink liner.

Creating the contours

Step 6

With the 0.3 liner, I add groups of short hatches to the stem and darken the seeds.

Working on the stem and seeds

Step 7

I work on the central part of the apple, accentuating the shadows with groups of thin hatches. The 0.05 ink liner is a great tool for that.

Refining the central part

Step 8

I add thin hatches to the inner boundary of the object, using the 0.05 ink liner.

Adding hathing to the inner part of the apple

Step 9

I work on the inner texture of the apple. I draw small circles and dots, using the 0.05 liner.

Drawing the texture of the apple

Step 10

As a finishing touch, I add some bigger dots to the apple’s texture, using the 0.3 liner.

Completing the artwork

Your Artwork Is Complete!

Congratulations! Now you know how to draw beautiful, realistic apples. I hope enjoyed both the process and the result!

How to Draw an Apple Tutorial
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