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How to Draw a Wreath of Tropical Flowers in Adobe Illustrator

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What You'll Be Creating

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Mesh Tool in Adobe Illustrator to create a beautiful set of tropical flowers and leaves!

If you want to skip the tutorial and just use this vector with some other awesome elements, purchase the Tropical Leaves and Flowers with a Summer Holidays Emblem from GraphicRiver!

Tropical Leaves and Flowers
Tropical Leaves and Flowers with a Summer Holidays Emblem

1. How to Draw the Flower

Step 1

First, draw an ellipse and fill it with #CC2C10, as indicated below.

Let's begin using Mesh! Grab the Mesh Tool (U) and begin pulling around the edges of the ellipse to create a petal shape. Next, create a Mesh Grid like the one in the screenshot below by clicking where the nodes are supposed to be.

Once your Mesh Grid is done, begin coloring it by selecting the nodes with the Mesh Tool (U) and changing their color to #DF4E29.

Continue by coloring the nodes selected in the screenshot below with #380401.

start using mesh

Step 2

Continue coloring the first petal by clicking the selected nodes and coloring them with the corresponding colors. You will need to use these colors:

  1. #680201
  2. #A81708
  3. #8A0D06
  4. #C02710
finish the mesh

Step 3

Similarly, draw the second petal. You will need these:

  1. #C92111

  2. #A61107
  3. #380000
  4. #730000
  5. #DE503C
  6. #E2360E
second mesh petal

Step 4

Use these for the third petal:

  1. #C42A19

  2. #000000
  3. #DC3E20
  4. #A6160F
  5. #8A0303
  6. #E44E2A
mesh petal

Step 5

  1. #BE190E
  2. #0D0000
  3. #900503
  4. #AD0301
  5. #D32E0B
new petal

Step 6

Draw the final petal.

  1. #D92A18
  2. #0C0000
  3. #A1150C
  4. #BD1608
  5. #DB451C
  6. #E07652
mesh petal

Step 7

Draw the stem.

  1. #CC4143
  2. #F1D1D8
  3. #63181C
  4. #130101

Step 8

Draw two more shapes.

  1. #EBB74C
  2. #F2D234
  3. #BA3545
  4. #E24B65
  5. #B43246
draw ellipses

Step 9

Grab the Wrinkle Tool (under the Width Tool) and use the parameters indicated in the screenshot below. Next, "ruffle" the edges of both the ellipses.

wrinkle tool

Step 10

Draw one more stem and attach the ellipse on top.

  1. #C1394B
  2. #E27980
create stem

Step 11

Draw a black ellipse.

black ellipse

Step 12

Attach pollen to the stem of the flower.

add pollen

Step 13

Finally, assemble the flower out of the petals we made before.

assemble flower

2. How to Draw the Leaves

Step 1

Begin by drawing a simple curved line with the Pen Tool (P), and then change the profile of its stroke to the one shown below.

draw curved line

Step 2

Apply a Radial Gradient (#BCCC91 - #435E00 - #405C00) to the Stroke.

radial gradient

Step 3

Go to Object > Expand Appearance to create an object out of the stroke.

expand appearance

Step 4

Draw a #467306 path, and then change its profile.

change stroke profile

Step 5

Expand Appearance of the object, and then create some Mesh.

  1. #416004
  2. #8B964C
  3. #58870E
create mesh

Step 6

Go to Effect > Warp > Arc and apply a 7% Bend to the object.

Expand Appearance of it.

warp the leaf

Step 7

Attach shapes like this to the first stem, resizing the leaves in the process.

attach leaves

Step 8

When you've got the leaf finished, select all the elements and go to Effect > Warp > Arc.

Apply a 20% Bend to the object, and then Expand its Appearance.

wrap the leaf

Step 9

Create a Mesh Grid in a square. 

  1. #416004
  2. #5A761F
create mesh square

Step 10

Draw details for the leaf with a #908A26 stroke and the indicated profile. Expand Appearance.


Step 11

Select everything, and then go to the Pathfinder panel and click Unite.


Step 12

Draw an outline of a tropical leaf and place it on top of the green square. Select everything, and then right-click and use Make Clipping Mask.

clipping mask

Step 13

This is the second finished leaf that we will be using.

final leaf

3. How to Add the Label

Step 1

Draw two circles, filling one with a #EEECE3 - #EEECE3 - #FDFDFC - #FDFDFC Linear Gradient. Make the second one white.

draw label

Step 2

Place the gradient circle on top of the white one. A bit of the bigger circle should be showing.

place circle on top

Step 3

Let's create a shadow for the label! Draw two circles, one filled with #293F06 and the second one with #FFFFFF. Place the green circle on top, slightly off center.

draw two circles

Step 4

Change the Opacity of the white circle to 0%.

transparent circle

Step 5

Go to Object > Blend > Blend Options and set it to Specified Steps, 30.

Select both circles and proceed to Object > Blend > Make.

make blend

Step 6

Arrange the flowers and the leaves into a wreath, placing the label on top. Put the shadow under the label.

make a wreath

Step 7

Finally, "pull" some of the flowers on top to make the object a bit more three-dimensional.

finished result

Awesome Work, You're Now Done!

What now? You can try any of my other tutorials from my profile, or check out my portfolio on GraphicRiver, as well as the original vector we recreated in this tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and I would be super happy to see any results in the comments below!

Tropical Leaves and Flowers
Tropical Leaves and Flowers with a Summer Holidays Emblem
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