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How to Draw a Sweet Cherry Chocolate Cake Slice in Adobe Illustrator

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Read Time: 4 min

Today I'm going to show you how to create a quick, cute, "no-bake" cherry chocolate cake in Adobe Illustrator with a heavy emphasis on the Pen Tool (P) and transparent gradients. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to make such a delight from scratch.

1. Draw Your Basic Cake Shape

Step 1

Using the Pen Tool (P), draw a wedge shape as seen below. Alternatively, you can use the Rectangle Tool (M) and manipulate the anchor points with the Direct Selection Tool (A).


Step 2

Add a dark brown stroke to your shape. This one is set to 2pt Stroke Weight with Round Joins.


2. Add Icing to the Cake

Step 1

Using the Pen Tool (P), draw around the outside of the cake piece, adding a carefully scalloped edge for the sides and a large bump on the right for a fancy "crust" design.


Step 2

Add additional pieces where you feel it's necessary.


3. Define the Layers of the Cake

Step 1

Using the same dark brown as the icing, add an angles strip in the middle of the cake piece.


Step 2

Same deal as the previous step, but with a smaller strip of a rosy red for some cherry filling.


4. Add Cake Details

Step 1

Using the Pen Tool (P), draw a shape similar to the one in the image above. It only has three points. Reduce the Opacity to your liking in the Transparency panel.


Step 2

Repeat on the other side.


Step 3

Use the Line Segment Tool (\) to draw a light brown line from one end of the cake to the next. This defines the separation between the cake's side and its top.


5. Add a Cherry to the Top of the Cake

Step 1

Draw a super curvy shape; like a heart with no point. Stroke the shape with the same dark brown that you used before.


Step 2

Accentuate the groove in the cherry with a gradient shape going from cherry red to dark brown.


Step 3

Apply the same gradient to the cherry itself.


Step 4

Draw a shape the follows the contour of the cherry. Make it dark brown and reduce the Opacity in the Transparency panel to 30%.


Step 5

Add a highlight shape to the cherry with a Linear gradient going from light, creamy yellow to cherry red.


Step 6

With the Pen Tool (P) draw a stroked line following the curve of the cherry.


Step 7

Add a dark brown stem shape with the tool of your choice.


6. Add Some Cake Toppings - Yummy!

Step 1

Group (Control + G) together your cherry pieces, Copy (Control + C) and Paste (Control + V) cherries around the top of the cake in a formation you like.


Step 2

I used the Pencil Tool (N) to doodle up this dollop of whipped cream. The shape has a 0.75pt Stroke Weight added to it.


Step 3

In order to add the thick stroke behind the cake's topping elements, Group (Control + G) together your cherries and whipped topping, Copy (Control + C) and Paste (Control + V) the group, and Unite in the Pathfinder panel.


Step 4

Set it as the same dark brown from before and add a thick stroke to it (with Round Corners). Align it behind your other topping pieces.


7. Render the Whipped Topping

Step 1

Carefully draw curved shadow shapes on the whipped topping with the Pen Tool (P). Apply a Linear gradient going from light cream to dark brown. Repeat as you see fit around the whipped cream shape so it looks layered.


Step 2

Add white curve shapes, thin ones, for highlights on the whipped cream.


Step 3

Draw lines from each side of the whipped topping that further accentuate its curves and show how its piled on top of itself.


8. Finishing Touches

Step 1

Draw a simple heart shape with the Pencil Tool (N) in one of the scalloped edges of the cake's icing. Copy (Control + C) and Paste (Control + V) the hearts around the cake to add a little dose of cuteness.


Step 2

For the cute little title to the image, I drew it out using the Pencil Tool (N). Nothing fancy; just my handwriting. You can trace a scanned piece for this, draw it free-hand, or use a font you dig.


Step 3

Select All (Control + A) of your cake pieces and Group (Control +G) them together.


Step 4

Add a large rectangle to your picture plane with a radial gradient going from a creamy yellow to white.


You're Finished! It's a Shame You Can't Eat It!

Your cute little cake is complete! Use this as a starting point to create a whole menu of sweets or your favorite dishes.

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