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How to Draw a Spider Web Step by Step

This post is part of a series called Drawing Nature.
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What You'll Be Creating

A spider web is one of the symbols of Halloween. It's very simple to draw, but it takes a lot of time to do it well. However, you can treat it as a form of mandala drawing, to have fun and relax.

What You Will Need

In order to complete this tutorial, you may need to use the following equipment:

  • sheet of paper
  • drawing compass
  • ink liner/fine liner/ballpoint pen
  • ruler
  • eraser (optionally)

How to Draw a Spider Web

Step 1

Draw a dot in the center of the sheet.

spider web drawing center dot

Step 2

Stick your compass in the dot and draw a big circle around.

spider web drawing compass circle

Step 3

Take a ruler and draw a lot of lines coming radially from the center. The angles don't need to be equal. Always start from the center, instead of drawing one long line across it—this will make it look more natural.

spider web drawing radial lines

Step 4

Draw a spiral around the center, with one loose end on the outside.

spider web drawing central spiral

Step 5

Use the compass to draw a smaller circle at some distance from the spiral.

spider web drawing smaller circle

Step 6

Draw a gentle arc between two "arms" of the web.

spider web drawing first arch

Step 7

Continue along the circle.

spider web drawing arched circle

Step 8

This part will take some time, so don't hurry. Fill a whole section between the arms with arcs. Some of them may be stuck together, creating a natural effect.

spider web drawing first section

Step 9

Continue all around the web, taking your time to keep it clean and neat.

spider web drawing secdond section
spider web drawing done

Step 10

Finally, you can use an eraser to remove the guide circles.

spider web drawing cleaned up

Good Job!

Did you have fun? Then you may also enjoy drawing other radial designs:

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Spider Web Resources

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