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How to Draw a Bird Step by Step

This post is part of a series called Communication Week.
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What You'll Be Creating

In this tutorial, we’ll draw a singing bird with beautiful blue feathering.

I’ll show you an easy way to create a pencil sketch from scratch, and then we’ll explore the step-by-step process of drawing with colored pencils.

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What You Will Need

You'll need the following resources in order to complete this tutorial project:

  • Two sheets of paper
  • A graphite pencil (I recommend an HB or B type)
  • An eraser

And pencils of different colors:

  • Light grey
  • Medium brown
  • Light green
  • Bright blue
  • Medium blue
  • Dark blue
  • Dark brown
  • Black
The art supplies I will be using

1. How to Draw a Bird With a Graphite Pencil

Step 1

I start with a graphite pencil sketch. I draw two rounded shapes for the bird’s head and body.

Drawing rough shapes of the head and body

Step 2

I draw the rough shape of the beak.

Adding the beak

Step 3

I draw the stylized framework of the feet, marking the joints with small circles and adding the claws.

Adding the framework of the feet

Step 4

I draw the rough shape of the tail; it resembles a triangle.

Drawing the tail

Step 5

I add the stylized figure of the tree, imagining that the bird is sitting on it. Then I mark the eye of the bird.

Sketching the tree and adding the eye

Step 6

I refine the bird, joining the head and the body with a smooth, curved line. I also mark the wing and add the back side of the open beak.

Refining the birds body

Step 7

I refine the shapes of the bird’s feet, based on the framework.

Working on the feet of the bird

Step 8

I create an outline of the tree, using irregular, organic lines. 

I also add two groups of small leaves; they will vary the composition and make the drawing more interesting.

Refining the tree and adding the leaves

Step 9

I add some details to my sketch, like the feathers in the wing and the nuances of the bark.

This is not an obligatory step; it’s just useful to think over the drawing before delving into the colored pencil part.

Completing the graphite pencil part

2. How to Draw a Bird With Colored Pencils

Step 1

I transfer the main contours of the drawing onto a blank sheet of paper, using a window.

For this step, I recommend using a light grey pencil from your colored pencils set; this will help to keep the hues in your artwork clean, without the impurity of the graphite strokes.

The lines of the underdrawing are barely visible.

Creating a clean copy underdrawing

Step 2

With the medium blue pencil, I create the base color layer of the bird’s feathering. I draw long hatches resembling hair or fur.

Creating a base color of the birds body

Step 3

I mark the figure of the tree, using the medium brown pencil. I also add some strokes to the bird’s beak, accenting the inner part of the mouth. 

Adding the medium brown color

Step 4

I draw the leaves, using the light green pencil. To create a unified look for the artwork, I also add several green hatches to the tree.

Drawing the leaves

Step 5

I use the black pencil to refine the head of the bird, darkening the eye and the area of the mouth.

I also accent the wing’s feathers and the feet, and add some black hatches to the tail. The drawing instantly looks as if we’ve already worked on it for a long time!

Working with the black pencil

Step 6

With the dark brown pencil, I add hatches to the tree, accenting the sides and creating the drop shadow under the bird.

Adding the dark brown color

Step 7

I use the bright blue pencil to create beautiful nuances of the feathering. I add the strokes to the bird’s head, back, wing, and tail.

Adding the bright blue color

Step 8

I add strokes to the feathering and the drop shadow on the tree, using the dark blue pencil.

Adding the dark blue color

Step 9

Using the black pencil again, I add the hatches to the sides of the bird, accenting its three-dimensional look.

I also accentuate the details of the bark and the shadow under the bird’s wing.

Darkening the drawing with the black color

Step 10

I add more dark blue strokes to the bird’s feathering to make the color layer thicker.

Adding more dark blue nuances

Step 11

With the dark brown pencil, I add the finishing touches to the artwork, accenting the sides of the tree.

Completing the artwork

Your Drawing Is Complete

Congratulations! You’ve created an amazing artwork, and I hope you enjoyed the process. May good luck and inspiration always be with you! 

The result
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