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What You'll Be Creating

Is there anything cuter in this world than a puppy? In this tutorial I will show you how to draw one step by step, from scratch. I will lead you from the basic "skeleton" of the drawing to the proportions of the head, and then to the final lines. You'll see that it's not so hard to create a 3D pose like this!

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1. How to Sketch a Puppy's Body

Step 1

Draw a messy oval. Don't worry about it being perfect!

puppy oval chestpuppy oval chestpuppy oval chest

Step 2

Attach two circles to its front and back. This will be the torso (the big circle in the front) and the hips (the smaller circle in the back). Make them tilted to create a 3D pose.

puppy torso and hipspuppy torso and hipspuppy torso and hips

Step 3

Sketch the length and direction of the legs and tail. The legs shouldn't be longer than the torso.

puppy legs and tailpuppy legs and tailpuppy legs and tail

Step 4

Draw the circular head, about the size of the hips, attached to the top of the torso.

puppy circular headpuppy circular headpuppy circular head

Step 5

All the body parts need some thickness. Define it by drawing a circle/oval in the joint areas.

puppy joints volumepuppy joints volumepuppy joints volume

Step 6

Outline the whole body.

puppy basic body outlinepuppy basic body outlinepuppy basic body outline

2. How to Draw a Puppy's Head

Step 1

Draw a cross in the center of the circular "head". Then draw the nose's width in the lower half.

puppy basic face proportionspuppy basic face proportionspuppy basic face proportions

Step 2

Draw the eye sockets, the muzzle, the nose, and the lower jaw.

puppy eyes and muzzlepuppy eyes and muzzlepuppy eyes and muzzle

Step 3

Draw the upper eyelids to create the area for the eyes. Draw the upper lips as well.

puppy eyes and smilepuppy eyes and smilepuppy eyes and smile

Step 4

Finish the shape of the eyes and nose.

puppy detailed nosepuppy detailed nosepuppy detailed nose

Step 5

Finish the outline of the muzzle.

puppy lips outlinepuppy lips outlinepuppy lips outline

Step 6

Add more details to the face.

puppy face detailspuppy face detailspuppy face details
puppy full facepuppy full facepuppy full face

3. How to Finish a Drawing of a Puppy

Step 1

Gently outline the puppy's body, drawing short series of lines to create a natural connection between the parts (torso and legs, for example). Give a triangular tip to the paws to make them more dog-like.

puppy final outlinepuppy final outlinepuppy final outline

Step 2

Darken the areas that require it: the eyes, the nose, the lips, and the claws.

puppy darken detailspuppy darken detailspuppy darken details

Step 3

Darken the main outline and shade the whole puppy in a simple way.

puppy shadingpuppy shadingpuppy shading

So Cute!

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