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How to Draw a Goat Step by Step

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What You'll Be Creating

In this tutorial, I’ll show you a simplified way to draw goats: an adult one and a baby. 

You don’t need any special knowledge of animal anatomy or advanced drawing skills to complete this project!

What You Will Need

You will need the following equipment (or similar) in order to complete this tutorial:

  • drawing paper
  • an HB graphite pencil
  • a 3B graphite pencil
  • an eraser
The art supplies Ill be using

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1. How to Draw an Adult Goat

Step 1

I draw an oval shape for the goat’s head, using the HB graphite pencil.

Drawing the head of the goat

Step 2

I add the shapes of the ears and pointed horns. Keep the elements simple and stylized; we’ll refine them later.

Drawing the shapes of the ears and horns

Step 3

I draw the neck of the goat; it is basically a simple elongated shape. 

Adding the neck shape

Step 4

I add the rough shapes of the chest and the rump; they are the building blocks of the goat’s body.

Constructing the body

Step 5

I join the shapes of the body, outlining the back of the goat. It has a prominence that marks the hip bone.

Outlining the back of the goat

Step 6

I draw the framework of the goat’s limbs, marking the joints with big circles.

At this stage, we can already mark the bottom line of the goat's body. 

Drawing the framework of the limbs

Step 7

I refine the shape of the goat’s forelimbs; they are thicker in the knee area and end with a hoof.

Goats also have dewclaws on the back side of the limbs, which are rudimentary hooves.

Drawing the fore limbs of the goat

Step 8

I draw the contours of the hind legs. They have hocks—the joints between the knee and the fetlock that point backwards.

Drawing the hind legs of the goat

Step 9

It’s time to draw the goat’s face. I sketch a vertical core line, and then add three horizontal lines for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Drawing the reference lines for the eyes nose and mouth

Step 10

I draw the eyes with horizontal pupils. The eyes of a real goat are relatively small, but I want my drawing to look cute, so I make them slightly bigger.

Then I add the nose and the mouth with a hint of a smile.

Adding the eyes nose and smiling mouth

Step 11

I refine the shape of the ears, adding a deep shadow.

Refining the ears

Step 12

I add several contour lines to each horn and draw the beard. Both male and female goats have beards.

Drawing the beard and refining the horns

Step 13

The body of a goat is covered with hair; its coloring can vary from white to grey or black.

I draw the hair along the contours of the goat’s body, using long hatches.

Drawing the hair on the body

Step 14

I add the rounded udder with two prominent teats.

Drawing the udder

Step 15

I draw a short tail and create an illusion of its texture, using long graphite lines.

Adding the tail

Step 16

Let’s give some completeness to our sketch by adding values. With the HB pencil, I draw relatively long hatches that imitate hair.

Adding long graphite hatches that imitate hair

With the 3B pencil, I darken the sides of the goat’s head to make the drawing more realistic.

Increasing the contrast

Step 17

I continue to add long hatches to the front part of the goat’s body, using the HB pencil.

It’s the right time to accent small details like the cloven hooves or the longer strands of hair.

Step 18

I complete creating the illusion of hairy texture, working in the same technique.

I also strengthen the core shadows, applying an additional layer of hatching with the 3B pencil.

Completing the goat figure

As a finishing touch, I add light hatches that imitate grass at the goat’s feet, using the HB pencil.

This drawing is complete

2. How to Draw a Baby Goat

Step 1

I draw the rounded shape of the head, and then add the ears. The head of a baby goat is relatively big in comparison to the body; it is also shorter than the head of an adult goat.

Baby goats don't have horns as adult goats do, but they have so-called 'horn buds.' These are small bumps on the top of the head, between the ears and above the eyes. Our goat is too young, so we don't need to overload the drawing with information.

Drawing the shape of the baby goats head with ears

Step 2

I add the rough shape of the chest. The neck of a baby goat is shorter than this part of the body of an adult animal.

Adding the chest shape

Step 3

I draw the framework of the front legs.

Adding the framework of the limbs

Step 4

I add the contours of the limbs, accentuating the knees.

Drawing the fore legs

Step 5

It’s time to draw the reference lines of the animal’s face. I sketch the vertical core line, and then add lines for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Leaving enough space for the forehead is important.

I also refine the shape of the ears.

Adding the reference lines

Step 6

I draw the eyes with horizontal pupils. Then I add the nose and a smiling mouth.

Drawing the eyes

Step 7

I add the back and the hind legs of the baby goat. The foreshortening doesn’t allow us to see much of the animal’s back, but we should mark it to make the drawing look realistic.

Completing the body shape

Step 8

With the HB pencil, I add long hatches that imitate hair.

Adding the hair

As a cute addition, I draw a floral diadem on the head of the baby goat. There is no need to draw all the tiny petals or other details; just create something that looks like small flowers.

Drawing the floral crown

Step 9

I create an illusion of hair, using the HB pencil, just as we did with the adult goat. 

Adding long graphite strokes

I darken the eyes, the neck, and the back limbs to increase the contrast and make the drawing more credible.

Completing the drawing

Your Artworks Are Complete

Congratulations! You’ve created two beautiful drawings of charming goats. I hope you’ve enjoyed the process, and no animal seems too difficult to draw now!

The project is complete
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