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How to Draw a Crown

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Crowns are works of art—they're not practical, they're simply meant to stun people with their splendor. Precious metals, rare jewels of all colors, fancy ornaments... You can really let your imagination go wild when designing a crown! And you don't have to be a master blacksmith to create your own crown—you can simply draw it!

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to draw a classic crown with eight arches—how to plan its structure and how to decorate it with ornaments and jewels. You can follow my steps directly or only in part, to create your own fantastic design!

1. How to Start a Drawing of a Crown

Step 1

Draw a vertical line. This will be the line of symmetry for our crown.

vertical line of symmetry

Step 2

Draw an ellipse on the bottom.

ellipse on bottom

Step 3

Draw an identical ellipse a bit higher. Together they'll create the "band" on the bottom of the crown.

flat cylinder drawing

Step 4

Draw two more ellipses inside, a little farther from the previous ones. We'll use these for decoration later.

narrow bands for decoration

Step 5

Draw a horizontal line over the ellipses. Connect it to their sides.

plan of bottom part of the crown

Step 6

Draw another, shorter horizontal line above and connect it to the previous one.

plan for top part of the crown

Step 7

Draw ellipses around these lines. Their shape should be similar to the ones on the bottom.

turn lines into ellipses

Step 8

Connect both ellipses with curves.

cruve the sides of the crown

Step 9

Our crown will have eight curved "arches"—two of them on the sides, which we already have, two in the front and back (which are simply vertical lines), and four in between. To find a proper place for them, draw a mark on each ellipse—use the same proportions each time.

plan of the arches

Step 10

Draw a curve through these marks. Its shape should be a transition between the side curve and front curve (a line).

arch curves

Step 11

Draw the back curves the same way.

back arches

Step 12

The arches need to connect at a single point, bending slightly in the middle. Draw this area as an ellipse, slightly lower than the top one.

bending in the center

Step 13

Draw an octagon in this ellipse—one side for each arch.

planning of octagon
full elliptical octagon

Step 14

"Copy" each side of the octagon along its corresponding curve to define the width of the whole arch.

plan of arch widths

Step 15

You can draw many of the width-defining lines to better see the shape of the arch before you attempt to draw it.

plan of back arch widths

Step 16

Outline the arches.

arch outline

Step 17

Draw the arches in the back the same way.

back arch outline

Step 18

Draw a circle on top of the crown.

ball on top of crown

Step 19

Cross it with two ellipses to better mark its 3D shape.

3d ball drawing

2. How to Decorate a Crown

Step 1

We can decorate the crown however we want, but the key is to keep these decorations consistent. Sketch some guide lines to set up equal proportions for each arch.

simple guide lines

Step 2

Draw circles in these guide lines, changing them to ellipses in perspective.

circles in perspective

Step 3

Draw a band inside each arch, about one-quarter of the way from each side.

bands in perspective

Step 4

Draw a "petal" within these guide lines.

petals in perspective

Step 5

Draw two vertical guide lines right next to the arches.

more guide lines for flower

Step 6

Add some horizontal guide lines to draw the side petals of this ornamental flower.

horizontal guide lines for flower
bottom of the flower
sides of medieval flower

Step 7

Add two vertical guide lines below, creating a narrow band.

bottom guidelines for flower

Step 8

Draw the bottom of the flower here.

bottom of medieval flower
bottom petals ornamnets

Step 9

"Bind" the petals in the middle.

full medieval flower

Step 10

Draw decorative grooves over the crown's main band.

decorative grooves on crown

Step 11

Draw a cross on top of the crown.

simple cross
cross decoration

Step 12

Let's add thin decorative bands on the arches and the ball.

decorative bands on crown

Step 13

Fill these bands with tiny golden pearls.

little golden pearls

Step 14

Let's add some little prongs to make the bottom more interesting.

prongs guide lines
prongs outlined

Step 15

The inside of the crown is often filled with a cloth "cap". Draw its outline.

cloth isnide crown

3. How to Add Jewels to the Crown

Step 1

Finally, the most fun part! Let's add some shiny jewels. Draw circles right under each arch (turn them into ellipses in perspective).

You can learn about drawing different crystals/diamonds from these tutorials:

circle base for diamonds

Step 2

Draw a smaller circle/ellipse inside—the flat top of the jewel. Because it's higher than the previous circle, it should also "move away" from the center as the perspective shifts.

top of the diamond

Step 3

Draw an octagon inside each little circle.

diamind octagonal plane
diamond octagon

Step 4

Draw lines going from the corners of the octagon. Follow the perspective—these lines mark the slanted sides of the jewel.

diamond slanted sides

Step 5

Add pearls between these jewels.

crown pearls

Step 6

The arches shouldn't stay empty, either. Draw some guide lines on them first.

guide lines for crystals

Step 7

Draw rectangles in these guide lines.

rectangular base of jewel

Step 8

Draw smaller, shifted rectangles inside.

top part of jewel

Step 9

Draw the slanted edges.

slanted sides of rectangular jewel

Step 10

Each jewel can be surrounded with smaller jewels—little "pearls"...

tiny pearls decoration

... or even little crystals:

crystal decoration
little crystals drawing

Step 11

Finally, outline the whole crown with ink and erase the guide lines.

crown outline

Good Job!

Now you know how to draw a beautiful crown! Do you want to draw something else? We have a variety of drawing tutorials here on Envato Tuts+!

You can also learn how to shade your crown with pencils to make it look like shiny metal in this tutorial:

how to draw a crown step by step
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