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How to Create a Set of Dental Care Icons in Adobe Illustrator

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Probably all of us know the very common saying that health is wealth. We all understand and keep in mind how true this saying is, but we often need some motivation or a reminder to live a healthy life. 

One of the basic requirements for being healthy is daily hygiene. In this tutorial as well as learning how to use simple shapes, warp effects and various functions of the Pathfinder panel to design these icons, we will remind ourselves and other people around us, “Healthy smile, healthy you."

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Anyway, let's start!

1. How to Create the Dental Floss Icon

Step 1

Open Adobe Illustrator and create a New Document with 850 x 850 px Width and Height.

We will start to create the dental floss icon. Using the Rounded Rectangle Tool, create a light grey rounded rectangle. Set the Fill color as shown in the image below. Next, draw a line on the rounded rectangle by using the Line Segment Tool (\). Don't forget to remove the fill color and set any stroke color. The color and thickness of this line do not matter.

Now select the rounded rectangle and the line and press the Divide button on the Pathfinder panel. After that, right-click your mouse and hit Ungroup. Your rounded rectangle will be divided into two parts in the place where you put the line. And finally, select the top part of the rounded rectangle and change its color to blue.

creating the dental floss box

Step 2

On top of the divided rounded rectangle, add two other rounded rectangles filled with the colors shown below. To get a rounded rectangle with very round corners, create the small rounded rectangle first, and then stretch it. Or you can go to View > Show Corner Widget and modify the corners by dragging them inside.

adding the volume

Step 3

Rotate the two blue rounded rectangles as shown below. Next, add another darker grey rectangle behind the bottom part by using the Rectangle Tool (M). To place it behind, select it, and hit Control-X, Control-B.

Finally, grab the Pencil Tool (N) and with no Fill color, draw the floss, which should be attached to this rectangle. Finally, place the floss behind everything (Control-X, Control-B). And here you have your floss ready for use!

creating the floss of the dental floss box

2. How to Create the Toothpaste Tube Icon

Step 1

For the toothpaste tube, we will use a light grey rectangle, which will be created with the Rectangle Tool (M). Now we will deform this rectangle. 

First, use the Bulge effect. Select the rectangle and go to Effect > Warp > Bulge. In the new window, adjust the presented options. Expand this shape (Object > Expand Appearance).

creating the toothpaste tube shape

Second, we'll use the Arc Upper effect. Keeping the shape selected, go to Effect > Warp > Arc Upper. In the new dialogue window, adjust the options to the ones you see in the image below.

Expand this shape again (Object > Expand Appearance).

creating the toothpaste tube shape 2

Step 2

On the bottom of the tube, attach another thin grey rectangle. To highlight this rectangle, create a little smaller Copy of it, change its color to light brown, and place it behind the original one, slightly shifted up.

creating the toothpaste tube shape 3

Step 3

To create the toothpaste logo, we will start by using the Ellipse Tool (L) to draw an ellipse. Let’s warp this ellipse by using the Flag effect. Go to Effect > Warp > Flag. Enter the options you see below.

creating the toothpaste tube logo

Place the shape in the middle of the tube's body.

placing the logo

Step 4

Now we need the tube’s cap. Just create a blue rectangle, and apply the Arc Upper effect: go to Effect > Warp > Arc Upper and adjust the necessary options.

creating the cap

Place this cap on top of the tube's body. You have just created the toothpaste tube!

placing the cap

3. How to Create the Tooth Icon

Step 1

To have a tooth-like shape, create a rounded rectangle and modify it. Here we’ll use the Fish effect: go to Effect > Warp > Fish and enter the options below. Expand this shape.

Next, create a vertically oriented oval in front of this shape (see the image below). We will use this oval as a cutter; therefore, its color is not important. Select both shapes and press the Minus Front button on the Pathfinder panel. This action leaves us with the tooth-like shape.

creating the tooth shape

Step 2

If you have one of the later versions of Adobe Illustrator, you can go to View > Show Corner Widget. Select the two marked corners and drag them inside. Your corners should be rounded.

If you don't have the Corner Widget, you can stretch the handles of the marked anchor points to have them smooth.

Since a tooth is not perfectly flat on top, let's warp it one more time: go to Effect > Warp > Arc Upper.

creating the tooth shape 2

Step 3

Create a thin horizontally oriented oval and place it on the top part of the tooth. Choose the Direct Selection Tool (A), and select the right and left anchor points of this oval, and slide them up.

To add more volume to this image, Copy the tooth-like shape, shrink it a bit, change the color to a little lighter, and place it in front of the original shape. Our tooth is ready!

adding the volume to the tooth icon

4. How to Create the Toothbrush Icon

Step 1

Let’s start with a blue rounded rectangle, which will be used for the toothbrush handle. Apply the Flag effect to this rounded rectangle. Go to Effect > Warp > Flag and use the shown options. Do not forget to expand the final shape: keeping it selected, go to Object > Expand Appearance.

creating the handle of the toothbrush

Step 2

To create the bristles of the toothbrush, draw a thin, white, vertically oriented ellipse. Select it and, while holding the Shift and Alt keys, drag it to the right. Now you have a second copy of this ellipse, perfectly aligned with the original one. While the newly created ellipse is selected, press the Control-D buttons as many times as you need to get a set of ellipses as in the image below.

Now we will cut apart this set of ellipses. For a cutter, create a rectangle with no Fill color and any Stroke color you want. Make the rectangle overlap with the bottom part of the set of ellipses. Keeping everything selected, press the Crop button in the Pathfinder panel (Window > Pathfinder). We will end up with the bottom parts of the ellipses. 

Finally, we need to clean some empty fill areas after cropping. Go to Object > Path > Clean Up, check that all boxes are marked, and hit OK.

creating the bristles of the toothbrush

Step 3

Select the created shapes and apply the Bulge effect: go to Effect > Warp > Bulge. In the new window, enter the presented options for the effect.

Place these bristles on the handle.

And finally, to make the handle of the toothbrush more convenient, add another white ellipse as the rubber handle on it as shown below. The toothbrush is ready!

placing the bristles on the toothbrush

5. How to Create the Mouthwash Bottle

Step 1

Create a light grey rounded rectangle. Now we will make a smaller Copy of it, but placed exactly in the middle. While keeping this rounded rectangle selected, go to Object > Path > Offset Path, and enter a negative number (between -4 and -10). You will get a smaller copy of the rounded rectangle in front of original one. 

Change the color of the smaller copy to a darker grey. Select the smaller rectangle and make a copy of it in front (Control-C, Control-F). Change the color of the front copy to blue (use the Eyedropper Tool (I) to take the same blue fill color as the toothbrush handle). This is the color of our liquid in the bottle. 

So in this step we have three rounded rectangles:

  1. largest light grey
  2. smaller dark grey
  3. blue with the same size as the second
creating the mouth rinse bottle

Step 2

Create a rectangle (any color) and make it overlap the blue rounded rectangle at the level of how much liquid you want in the bottle. Next, while keeping the blue rounded rectangle and the new rectangle selected, press the Minus Front button on the Pathfinder panel. This action leaves us with the amount of liquid we want.

To add a liquid effect, draw a few different sizes of light blue circles in front of the blue rounded rectangle. To make an even circle, draw it using the Ellipse Tool (L) while holding down the Shift key.

creating the liquid of the mouth rinse bottle

Step 3

To make a cap, create a blue rectangle and apply the Arc Upper effect (Effect > Warp > Arc Upper) with the options below. Or you can simply Copy the cap from the toothpaste tube that we created before and adjust the necessary size.

Place this cap on top of the bottle. Now the bottle is finished!

creating the cap of the mouth rinse bottle

6. How to Create the Icon Backgrounds

Step 1

Create five blue circles where you will place all your icons. To make all copies aligned, use a combination of the Alt and Shift buttons as we have done previously throughout this tutorial.

creating the icons backgrounds

Step 2

Place the icons on the blue circles. To make it easier to place the icons inside, Group each icon (right-click > Group).

placing all icons on backgrounds


I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial! I believe you’ve discovered some new interesting tips and tricks while following this tutorial that will help you with your future illustrations. For more simple and easy tutorials, check out my other ones!

And don't forget to post your result in the comments below.

Dental Icons Adobe Illustrator Tutorial
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