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How to Create Summer Road Trip Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

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What You'll Be Creating

Like traveling, and designing classic cartoon-style artwork in Adobe Illustrator? Then you'll love this tutorial.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a fun summer road trip cartoon-style illustration. You will draw a sketch using the Pencil Tool (N) and then outline it with the Pen Tool (P). Once you're done, you’ll want to go on your own road trip!

1. Outlining the Sketch

Step 1

We will start by creating a new document that is 600 px in both width and high. First, we need to outline the sketch. Double-click on the Pencil Tool (N) and let's adjust the options. In the new dialogue window, under the Tolerances section, make Fidelity 4 px and Smoothness around 30 - 40%. Then look at the Stroke panel. Set Weight 1 px and check Round Cap button.

Now let's start sketching a car.

outlining the car 1

Step 2

Add car mirrors, car lights and a few lines in front for the grill.

outlining the car 2

Step 3

Add seats and the back parts of the car.

outlining the car 3

Step 4

Then sketch a lady, waving "hello".

sketching the lady 1

Step 5

Draw her necklace, earring, and arms, and add the wheel.

sketching the lady 2

Step 6

Take the Eraser Tool (Shift-E) and erase the unnecessary lines.

erasing the unnecessary lines

Step 7

Last but not least, sketch in few suitcases, boxes, and a camera.

sketching the suitcases boxes and camera

Step 8

Draw the details of suitcases and camera.

adding the details of suitcases boxes camera

2. Applying Colors

Step 1

Lock the layer with sketch and create a new layer under the previous one. To place the new layer under the previous layer, you can simply press the Create New Layer button on the Layers menu and drag it under the existing layer. Reduce the Transparency of the layer with sketch (while it is opened). Now, we will color our sketch using the Pen Tool (P). Apply gray and dark gray color for the inside of the car, dark red for the car mirrors and brown for tires.

applying the color for the car 1

Step 2

Continue applying dark red and light brown colors for the car.

applying the color for the car 2

Step 3

Find Skintones (Swatches > Skintones) and apply it to the skin of the lady. Give her blond hair with red lips, red earrings and necklace. Then make her top, teeth, and headband white.

coloring the lady

Step 4

Apply colors for the suitcases and camera. As you can see, I used different shades of pink, gray and light brown colors. To create the strap of the camera use the Pencil Tool (N).

coloring the suitcases boxes and camera

Step 5

Using the Pen Tool (P) draw approximately the same shapes for two boxes as on the image below. I used the same color as the previously applied for them, but with Multiply Transparency and reduced Opacity.

making a shadow for the boxes

Step 6

Then cut out the unnessecary parts using the Intersect button on Pathfinder panel. This should create the following result:

cutting a shadow for the boxes

Step 7

Draw the shapes of the highlight and shadow. For the highlight, use the same color as you previously applied for this object, but with Screen Transparency. For the shadow, I gave Multiply Transparency, sometimes with different variations of Opacity.

adding a shadow and highlight for the suitcases boxes camera and car

Step 8

To create bouncy and shiny hair, draw in highlight using the same color as the hair and then applying Screen Transparency with 50% Opacity. For the shadow on her hair, apply Multiply Transparency with 50% Opacity.

adding a shadow and highlight for the hair of  the lady

Step 9

Your result should look like this:

result of the previous step

3. Creating the Background

Step 1

Take a sky blue fill color and create a big square and send it to the backwards (Control-X, Control-B).

adding the background

Step 2

With the Pen Tool (P), draw a rounded triangle with the same fill color. Then apply the Multiply Transparency for it.

adding the shape of the background

Step 3

Go to the layer with sketch and delete it (by simply dragging it to the trash button). Now look at your final result!

final result


You’ve made it! Congratulations! I hope you will be able to use these techniques in working with Pencil Tool and the Pen Tool for your future works; try making your own designs, and share them with us in the comments below.

Never stop drawing.

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