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How to Create Double Exposure Images with 3D Models

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In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create double exposure images using only 3D models and scenes. Since I'm focusing more on the approach of how this technique is employed, you can follow along with the 3D program of your choice, the basic principles will be the same. 

I will be using Adobe After Effects with the plug-in Element 3D V2. I'll also be using some free Star Wars inspired models for Element 3D that you can download

The inspiration for this tutorial came from the Xbox One 'Greatest Games' Trailer created by Blind.

Tutorial Screencast

The Creation Process

The process involved with this technique is fairly simple and works in the same manner as a traditional double exposure photograph. 

As I'm using 3D models, however, it is much easier to manipulate lighting and other aspects of our image to be exactly the way I want them. Not to mention we I use models, objects and scenes that I normally may not have access to, such as Star Wars droids.

You'll need two different images to create the effect. The first will be an outline image that has some high-contrast areas on a white background. The shadows on the outline image will become transparent when overlayed above the second image and set to a screen blending mode. 

The second image will be the background image that showcases whatever you prefer. You can accent the image, further, by applying a color-grade, film grain, an so forth. 

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Other Effects Mentioned in This Tutorial

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