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How to Create a Tri-Fold Brochure in Affinity Publisher (Free Brochure File)

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Read Time: 11 min

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a free tri-fold brochure template in Affinity Publisher. Adaptable for a range of businesses and purposes, this Affinity Publisher brochure template is simple to create and features contemporary colors and typography.

This tutorial comes complete with a downloadable free brochure template for both Adobe InDesign and Affinity Publisher, allowing you to quickly create your own unique tri-fold brochure template.

Follow along with this tutorial over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel, where you can find more Affinity tutorials:

What You Will Learn in This Brochure Tutorial

  • How to set up blank brochure templates for print in Affinity Publisher.
  • How to create layers and color swatches and work with images in your Publisher brochure templates.
  • How to use blending modes and format typography on your brochure templates in Affinity Publisher.
  • How to export your tri-fold flyer template as a press-ready PDF, ready for printing.

Looking for more Affinity Publisher templates, InDesign brochure templates, and blank brochure templates? Don’t miss the wide selection of brochure templates on Envato Elements

What You’ll Need to Create Your Tri-Fold Brochure Template

In this Affinity Publisher tutorial, we’ll be using the software to create our three-fold brochure template. If you’re an InDesign user, you can download the InDesign brochure template below. 

Click here to download the free brochure templates for both Adobe InDesign and Affinity Publisher.

As well as access to Affinity Publisher, you’ll also need to download the following fonts and images from Envato Elements to recreate the tri-fold brochure template pictured here:

I also used these images for the interior design tri-fold brochure template (pictured in the tutorial):

1. How to Set Up Your Blank Brochure Template in Affinity Publisher

Step 1

Open Publisher, and go to File > New. 

Select Print from the options along the top of the window. Set the Page width to 11 in and Page height to 8.5 in. Increase the Number of pages to 2. This is our brochure templates' blank canvas.

new documentnew documentnew document

Step 2

From the Margins options, set a margin width of 0.375 in for all sides of the page. Add a Bleed width of 0.125 in. 

Then click Create

new documentnew documentnew document

Step 3

To mark out the folds in our brochure template, make sure the rulers are visible (View > Show Rulers). 

Double-click on Master A in the Pages panel (View > Studio > Pages), and pull out a guide from the left-hand ruler to 3.66 in. 

guide for foldguide for foldguide for fold

Then pull out a second guide to 7.33 in.

Step 4

To make sure we place content centrally on each section of the tri-fold brochure, we can add margin lines on either side of each fold. 

Pull out guides to 3.29 in, 4.05 in, 6.95 in, and 7.69 in. Guides help us understand how to distribute our brochure template's blank space.

guides for marginsguides for marginsguides for margins

Step 5

Go to the Swatches panel (View > Studio > Swatches) and choose Add Global Colour from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner. 

add global colouradd global colouradd global colour

Name the swatch Off-White and set the levels below to C=3 M=1 Y=4 K=0. Then click Add

off white swatchoff white swatchoff white swatch

Repeat to create two more swatches:

  • Navy: C=100 M=89 Y=39 K=32
  • Orange: C=3 M=82 Y=97 K=0
navy swatchnavy swatchnavy swatch
orange swatchorange swatchorange swatch

Step 6

Double-click on Page 1 in the Pages panel to go back to the pages of your document.

Go to the Layers panel (View > Studio > Layers) and rename Layer 1 as Background

rename layer 1rename layer 1rename layer 1

Click on the Add Layer button at the bottom right of the panel. Name this second layer Images and Color. Repeat to create a third layer, naming this Text

final new layerfinal new layerfinal new layer

Select both the Text and Images and Color layers and lock them by clicking the padlock icon at top right. 

locked layerslocked layerslocked layers

2. How to Add Color and Images to Your Affinity Publisher Brochure Template

Step 1

Working on the Background layer, select the Rectangle Tool (M) from the Tools panel and drag across the whole of Page 1, extending the edges up to the bleed. 

From the Swatches panel, set the Fill Color to Off-White. 

background swatchbackground swatchbackground swatch

Step 2

Use the Rectangle Tool to create a second shape on Page 1, across the central and right-hand section of the trifold brochure. 

Set the Fill to Orange

fill to orangefill to orangefill to orange

Step 3

Switch to the Picture Frame Rectangle Tool (F) and create a frame across the bottom half of Page 1, across the left-hand and central section.

picture frame toolpicture frame toolpicture frame tool

Go to File > Place, choose an image, such as this one, and click Open

Double-click inside the picture frame to select the image directly, and scale it until you’re happy with the position. 

image placedimage placedimage placed

Step 4

Select the picture frame and Edit > Copy, Edit > Paste it, moving the copy up to the top-right corner of the tri-fold brochure template. 

pasted image framepasted image framepasted image frame

Use File > Place to replace the image with a different one, such as this one

placed imageplaced imageplaced image

Step 5

Use the Rectangle Tool to create a shape across the bottom of the central section, setting the Fill to Navy

fill to navyfill to navyfill to navy

From the Colour panel (View > Studio > Colour), reduce the Opacity to 80%. 

opacity of shapeopacity of shapeopacity of shape

Step 6

Select the navy shape and Copy and Paste it, moving it directly above the original. Switch the Fill to Orange

fill to orangefill to orangefill to orange

In the Layers panel, choose Multiply for the Blending Mode.

multiply blendingmultiply blendingmultiply blending

Step 7

Select the image frame at the top-right of Page 1, and Edit > Copy it.

Scroll down to Page 2 and Edit > Paste, expanding the picture frame to fill the whole page of the tri-fold brochure template and scaling the image inside to fit it. 

image frameimage frameimage frame

Step 8

Select the navy rectangle on Page 1 and Copy it, pasting it onto Page 2.

pasted navy shapepasted navy shapepasted navy shape

Select the orange shape on the central section of Page 1 and Copy that too, pasting onto Page 2. Resize it so it fits across the whole of the left-hand section of the tri-fold brochure. 

pasted orange shapepasted orange shapepasted orange shape

Paste again, moving the orange shape over to the right-hand section and scaling it to fill the lower two thirds of the section. 

pasted orange shapepasted orange shapepasted orange shape

3. How to Format Stylish Typography for Your Affinity Publisher Brochure Template

Step 1

Lock the Text and Color layer and unlock the top layer, Text

Select the Frame Text Tool (T) and drag across the bottom of the far-right section of Page 1, using the margin guides to position the frame. 

Type in the brochure title, and from the Character and Paragraph panels (View > Studio > Character), set the Font to Mondia, Size 52 pt, and Align Center. 

Set the Font Colour to Off-White. 

brochure title brochure title brochure title

Add a subtitle below the heading, set in CA Saygon Text, Size 10 pt.

sub-heading textsub-heading textsub-heading text

Step 2

Over the blue shape, create another text frame for a sub-heading, setting the Font to Mondia, Size 20 pt, and Align Left. 

sub-heading text framesub-heading text framesub-heading text frame

From the Typography panel, check the All Caps icon. 

Create a larger text frame below this for body text, setting the Font to CA Saygon Text, Size 10 pt. 

body text framebody text framebody text frame

Add a pull-quote above, set in Mondia, Size 19 pt, Align Right. 

pull quotepull quotepull quote

Step 3

The white space at the top of the left-hand section is a good place for contact details. 

Set subtitles in Mondia, 20 pt, and a Navy Font Color.

find us textfind us textfind us text

Body text should be CA Saygon Text, 10 pt.

contact us textcontact us textcontact us text

Step 4

Select the sub-heading and body text frame on the central section of Page 1, and Copy them. 

Scroll down to Page 2 and Paste

Paste again, moving this over to the top of the left-hand section. 

body text pastedbody text pastedbody text pasted

You can also add more pull quotes or reviews at the top of the right-hand section on Page 2.

pull quote textpull quote textpull quote text

Step 5

If you want to add a logo to the front cover of your tri-fold brochure template, unlock the Images and Color layer, and extend the right edge of the orange shape at the top of Page 1, hitting about halfway across the right-hand section. 

orange rectangleorange rectangleorange rectangle

You can either File > Place a logo or create an icon using the shape tools in Publisher, such as the Ellipse Tool (M).

elllipse toolelllipse toolelllipse tool

4. How to Export Your Tri-Fold Brochure Template for Print

Step 1

When you’ve finished working on your Affinity Publisher brochure template, it’s time to export your artwork as a PDF, ready for sending to print. 

Make sure to File > Save your work, before going to File > Export. 

In the window that opens, choose PDF from the icon options at the top, and select PDF (press ready) from the Preset menu. 

press ready PDFpress ready PDFpress ready PDF

Make sure the Raster DPI is set to 300, and that the Include Bleed box is checked.

Then click Export

bleed and rasterbleed and rasterbleed and raster

Step 2

Name your file, select a folder to save it into, and then hit Save

You can send the exported PDF straight off to the printers—awesome work!

save brochuresave brochuresave brochure

Conclusion: Your Finished Tri-Fold Brochure Template

Your Affinity Publisher brochure template is finished—great job! 

final brochurefinal brochurefinal brochure

In this Affinity Publisher tutorial, you’ve picked up a wide range of skills and techniques for creating Affinity Publisher templates, from setting up blank brochure templates in Affinity Publisher to creating color swatches, placing images, and formatting typography to create a stylish and contemporary Affinity Publisher brochure template. 

If you want to compare your tri-fold brochure design with my own, make sure to download the completed Affinity Publisher tri-fold brochure template. It’s also available as an InDesign brochure template.

It’s quick and easy to customise your Affinity Publisher brochure template further, by swapping in different color swatches, fonts, and images. 

The corporate tri-fold brochure design below uses a few different images and a yellow color palette to create a unique style:

corporate brochure templatecorporate brochure templatecorporate brochure template

Looking for more Affinity Publisher templates, blank brochure templates, tri-fold brochure templates and InDesign brochure templates? Discover a wide selection of InDesign brochure templates, Affinity Publisher brochure templates, and more on Envato Elements

5 Affinity Publisher Trifold Brochure Templates

There are many free tri-fold brochure templates out there on the internet. But, if you have the budget to work with, nothing matches the features of an Envato Elements brochure template.

1. Trifold Blank Brochure Template (PSD)

Trifold Blank Brochure TemplateTrifold Blank Brochure TemplateTrifold Blank Brochure Template

If your looking for blank brochure templates that serve as a canvas to communicate your business idea, this template is for you. This blank brochure template comes with beautifully designed visuals. 

2. The Brochure Template (INDD)

Trifold Brochure Template BlankTrifold Brochure Template BlankTrifold Brochure Template Blank

A blank brochure template can offer you great possibilities on how to tailor your content. This template includes fresh spreads, cleanly design icons, and an organized layout. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from creating a professional brochure like this.

3. Business Consulting Tri-Fold A5 Brochure Template (PSD)

Brochure Business Consulting Trifold A5Brochure Business Consulting Trifold A5Brochure Business Consulting Trifold A5

Show how professional and put together your business is with this blank pamphlet template. The text spaces are neatly distributed throughout the layout. Free tri-fold brochure templates rarely offer such high-quality icons and design aesthetics.

4. Blank Trifold Brochure Template (PSD)

Trifold BrochureTrifold BrochureTrifold Brochure

Global businesses and creative teams will find this blank trifold brochure template incredibly useful to get potential clients in the loop of what their business can offer. Free tri-fold brochure templates don't offer the robust features and editing capabilities that this template includes.

5. Brochure Template Blank (PSD)

Brochure Template BlankBrochure Template BlankBrochure Template Blank

Premium blank pamphlet templates help you with a solid foundation to design your trifold brochure. This template comes with an out-of-the-box layout that lets you play with sizing and placement. It's also print-ready.

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