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How to Create a Stone Giant Matte Painting - Part 1

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This tutorial is the first part of "How to Create a Stone Giant Matte Painting". In these few steps, I'll teach you how to create your own sketch so that you can go on and create your very own matte painting with the second part of this tutorial.

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Step 1

I firstly suggest sketching a few doodles. You don’t really have to pay attention to details here, just try to capture the features of the hero. Even though I’m doing this all traditionally, using pencil and paper, you can do it digitally, it’s just a matter of choice or habit.
I’ve had this idea about a stone giant buzzing through my head, so I pretty much had him pictured. It’s a basic no forehead giant, with archly browns. That being said, let’s get on to it.

Step 2

My characters are mostly over-proportioned and bulky and this one makes no exception. To my shame, I must admit that I’m not constructing them using well though guidelines, instead I just let my hand go wild. After dealing with the brows, concentrate on his eyes.

Step 3

Start defining the cheeks.

Step 4

I couldn’t decide on the rest of his face, so I made a quick sketch on the top-left side of the paper to help me out. You can modify the appearance at any time.

Step 5

I went on sketching his nose and cheeks.

Step 6

Next, I made a big grin on his face but didn’t like it because I wanted him to be a neutral/friendly type and with that on, he looked rather aggressive.

Step 7

At this point, after having his features figured out, it’s ok to add details, like cracks and moss.

Step 8

Now it’s time for shadows (and highlights). These have to be modified accordingly to the light source, in this case I have placed it somewhere on the top-left of the scene. Keeping this in mind, begin hatching the shade areas.

Step 9

Using a soft tip pencil, start tracing the outline, erasing the sketch if necessary, in order to obtain a cleaner look.

Step 10

With the same pencil, continue hatching the shades to create a better contrast between light and shadow. I really like to make them dark, but it’s just a personal choice.

Step 11

Add details, trying to get to a sharp, chipped stone texture. Around the eyes I’ve made a lot of small cracks, and overlapping rocks to make him look older.

Step 12

Continue building the giant following steps 9-11.

Step 13

Start shading the nose, and with a small eraser add highlights.

Step 14

Keep tweaking the nose and draw the final cracks.

Step 15

Draw small rocky parts on his right cheek.

Step 16

Add detail to the lips.

Step 17

Finally add another layer of shadow and then clean your paper.

Final Image

That's it ! Our stone giant is complete. The final image is below. You can view the large version here.

Now hop on to Part 2 and find out how to turn this sketch into a matte painting! Remember to save a version of the large final image, as you can use it in your matte painting if you don't want to draw one yourself.

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