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How to Create a Coffee Scene Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

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What You'll Be Creating

In this tutorial we're going to create a scene of coffee in the morning with cookies and milk using simple shapes in Adobe Illustrator.

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1. How to Create a New Document 

Press Control-N to make a New Document. Set the Units to Pixels, and enter 800 x 600 for the width and height of the document. Then in the Advanced options, select RGBScreen (72 ppi), and make sure to uncheck the Align New Objects to Pixel Grid box before clicking OK.

Go to the Preferences (Control-K) and enter 1 px for the Keyboard increment. Press OK.

You can activate the Info panel (Window > Info) in order to have a preview of the size and position of your shapes. Remember to set the measuring unit to Pixels from Edit > Preferences > Units. This will greatly increase the speed of your work.

Set up new document

2. How to Create a Milk Carton

Step 1

We will begin by drawing the milk container, draw a 100 x 208 px rectangle with the Rectangle Tool (M) and use #ABE0FD as the Fill color.

Then draw another rectangle next to the last one; this rectangle should have a Width of 61 px (#84CCF4).

Create a milk

Step 2

Now draw a rectangle at the top (#D0EFFD) and, using the Direct Selection Tool (A), select the upper nodes and move them to the left.

Afterwards, add a new node in the other rectangle with the Pen Tool (P) and move it towards the corner. Now draw a triangle (#73BCE8)  and use the Pen Tool (P) to create a shadow on the spout.

adding the rectangle top

Step 3

Take the Rectangle Tool (M) and draw the top flap of the container (#ABE0FD). Then draw two small rectangles (#84CCF4) at the ends of the flap and apply a Blend (Object > Blend > Make) 12 steps away (Object > Blend > Blend Options).

Adding more details in the milk

Step 4

Draw a strip on both sides of the container using two rectangles. Then draw an ellipse (#FFFFFF), using the Ellipse Tool (L), and a rectangle (#FFFFFF) on the front side.

Create new faces of the milk

Step 5

Now draw the lid with an ellipse in the middle (#FFFFFF) and a smaller one in the center (#ABE0FD). Afterwards, add another ellipse (#84CCF4) and place it below (Control-[).

Finally, Group the container together (Control-G).

Adding a lid in the milk

3. How to Create a Coffee Maker

Step 1

Now let’s create our coffee maker.

Create a 136 x 124 px rectangle (#E1E1E1) and move the upper nodes 20 px (by pressing the Shift key) to the center using the Direct Selection Tool (A).

Creating new shapes for a coffee maker

Step 2

Now use the Pen Tool (P) to draw the first face of the coffee maker (#CDCDCD) on the right side. Remove the remaining shape using the Shape Builder Tool (Shift-M).

Then, make a Copy (Control-C followed by Control-F) of the face, reflect it vertically (right click > Transform > Reflect), and change its Fill color to  #F6F6F6.

Adding shapes with the Pen Tool

Step 3

Draw a thin rectangle (#9A9FAD) at the bottom of the pot and remove the remaining shape using the Shape Builder Tool (Shift-M). Group everything together (Control-G).

Then make a copy (Control-C > Control-F) and Rotate it 180° with the Rotate Tool (R). Merge down the group slightly using the Selection Tool (V).

Duplicating the base coffee maker

Step 4

Now create a rectangle in the middle of the two cups (#616161) and draw another rectangle, thinner this time, (#7F7F7F) inside it. Then add three rectangles (#A5A5A5) of different widths as shown in the figure below.

Adding more details in the coffee maker

Step 5

To create the nozzle and handle, we will use the Pen Tool (P) and the Fill color #7F7F7F. Afterwards, draw a shadow on both things (#616161) and Delete the rest with the Shape Builder Tool (Shift-M).

Adding the nozzle and handle

Step 6

On the lid of the coffee maker, draw a thin rectangle (#7F7F7F) and then a triangle (#A5A5A5) using the Pen Tool (P)

Afterwards, draw a trapezoid (#7F7F7F) and Duplicate it (Control-C > Control-F), and Invert the Copy (#616161). Send both shapes under the triangle (Control-[).

Drawing with the Pen Tool the lid of the coffee maker

4. How to Create a Cup

Step 1

To create the cup, let’s begin by using a 123 x 133 px rectangle (#DD557B) and rounding the bottom corners with the Direct Selection Tool (A).

Creating un rectangle for the cup coffee

Step 2

Now Duplicate the shape (#DF6688) (Control-C > Control-F) and apply a -8 px offset in Effects > Path > Offset Path. Extend the shape appearance (Object > Expand Appearance).

Then modify the width using the Selection Tool (V) and place it on the left edge of the cup. Duplicate it again (#DF6688) and change its Width one more time.

Duplicating the shape and adding highlights

Step 3

Now create a 26 x 26 px ellipse (#DD557B) and a 38 x 38 px ellipse. Apply Minus Front using the Pathfinder panel on the last ellipse.

Adding a handle in the cup

Step 4

Create a shadow on the cup’s handle by drawing a rectangle (#B33859) and subtracting its shape using the Shape Builder Tool (Shift-M). Then send the handle shape backwards (Control-[).

Adding a little of shadows

Step 5

Draw an ellipse (#FFFFFF) in the center of the cup, and then draw an S with the Knife Tool. Separate the divided shapes and round its corners slightly. Group the shapes together and Rotate the final shape a little.

Creating a logo of coffee grain

5. How to Create a Cookie

Step 1

Create a 90 x 90 px ellipse (#E5D8B0) and Duplicate it twice (Control-C > Control-F). Move the last copy to the left and subtract it with the previous one using Minus Front from the Pathfinder panel. Change the Fill color to #DBC996.

Now draw the chocolate chips (#9D8A7C) using the Pen Tool (P).

Now creating the cookie with chocolate ships

Step 2

Let’s draw a second cookie using a rounded rectangle (#E5D8B0), use the Rounded Rectangle Tool. As with the other cookie, Duplicate the shape twice and create the cookie’s shadow.

Finally, draw chocolate chips as shown in the image below.

Another cookie

Step 3

Place the cookies and the cup together. Create a shadow under the circular cookie by drawing an ellipse (#B33859) and subtracting its shape with the Shape Builder Tool (Shift-M).

Once we have the shadow, let’s place it under the cookie (Control-[). Finally, Group the objects together (Control-G).

Placing the cookies with the cup and add shadows

6. How to Create a Coffee Bag

Step 1

Start by adding a 90 x 120 px rectangle (#E7C5AF). Draw another rectangle (#F3D6C3) at the top and move its upper nodes to the right.

Then, using the Pen Tool (P), draw the side of the bag (#E7C5AF) and the inner shadow (#CCAE9A).

Creating with rectangles the bag coffee

Step 2

Afterwards, draw the top flap using a rectangle (#CCAE9A). Now, draw the label using one 58 x 33 px rectangle (#FFFFFF) and another two with the Fill color #DEDEDE.

Finally, Group the coffee bag together (Control-G).

adding details

7. How to Create a Mini-Background

Step 1

First, place all the objects together and then draw a 320 x 320 px ellipse (#F5DE93) in the center of the scene. Remove the bottom node of the ellipse and close the corners (Control-J).

Then slightly round the bottom corners of the ellipse and send it to the back (Shift-Control-[). Stretch the height of the semi-circle upwards with the Selection Tool (V). 

Join all the elements of the scene

Step 2

Make a Copy of the semicircle and change the Fill color to #FBF5DB. Then stretch the Height a little more and send to the back (Shift-Control-[).

Creating a semi ellipse in the background

Step 3

Now add a few small dots using ellipses (#FBF5DB) throughout the scene.

Other details in the ellipse

Step 4

To finish, draw the steam of the coffee using the Pen Tool (P), selecting the Stroke style and a Stroke thickness of 7 px.

Adding a steam on the coffee

Step 5

Finally, create an 800 x 600 px rectangle (#F9ECBE) at the back of the canvas.

Adding a rectangle final

Congratulations! You're Finished!

Terrific! We’ve finished, and the result was terrific. This will surely bring more creativity to your artwork thanks to the techniques you just learned. I hope you enjoyed the process, and I will be expecting your comments.

Coffee and Cookie Illustration Adobe Illustrator Tutorial
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