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How to Create an Irish Door Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

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What You'll Be Creating

In this tutorial, we're going to create a beautiful Irish door like those found in Dublin. We'll be using basic shapes and creating a brick wall with patterns in Adobe Illustrator.

Looking for inspirational vectors? Why not head over to GraphicRiver.

1. How to Create a New Document

Press Control-N to make a New Document. Set the Units to Pixels, and enter 800 x 1000 for the width and height of the document. Then in the Advanced options, select RGBScreen (72 ppi), and make sure to uncheck the Align New Objects to Pixel Grid box before clicking OK.

Go to the Preferences (Control-K) and enter 1 px for the Keyboard increment. Press OK.

You can activate the Info panel (Window > Info) in order to have a preview of the size and position of your shapes. Remember to set the measuring unit to Pixels from Edit > Preferences > Units. This will greatly increase the speed of your work.

set new document

2. How to Create the Door

Step 1

For the door, create a 220 x 430 px rectangle (#9D5B97) using the Rectangle Tool (M).

create a rectangle for the door

Step 2

Then draw a small 3 x 53 px rectangle (#94588F) to be the door’s first box. Create corners using Live Corners with the Direct Selection Tool (A), and pressing the Alt key to choose chamfered corners.

adding the frames on the door

Step 3

Create another box inside the first one and reverse the colors of the lights and shadows. Then group the entire box together (Control-G), duplicate it twice (Control-C > Control-F), and distribute them horizontally in the upper area of the door using the Align panel.

duplicating frames

Step 4

Duplicate the three boxes (Control-C > Control-F), take the Direct Selection Tool (A), select the lower nodes of the three boxes, and drag them down to create longer boxes. Repeat the same process to complete the door.

place the frames and distribute in the door

Step 5

Now draw a small rectangle in the middle of the door (#D8A928), and then another one a little bigger. Afterward, using the Ellipse Tool (L), draw two ellipses at the ends of the second rectangle to form the mailbox, and group everything together (Control-G).

Create the small mailbox of the door

Step 6

Now draw a rounded rectangle using the Rounded Rectangle Tool to act as the mailbox opening (#504327). Afterwards, create two small ellipses and subtract one from the other using the Minus Front utility from the Pathfinder panel. Now, place the ellipses at the ends and use #B08925 as the fill color.

Now adding the mailbox opening

Step 7

Select the mailbox group and duplicate it twice. Move the first copy slightly downwards and the second one slightly upwards.

Add highlights and shadows

Step 8

Create the handle of the door by drawing an ellipse with a linear gradient using the Gradient panel. Then duplicate the ellipse, make it smaller, and reverse the gradient colors using the Gradient Tool (G).

Create the handle of the door

Step 9

Now we’ll create the first pillar. To do so, create a 64 x 27 px rectangle using the Rectangle Tool (M), and draw a thinner rectangle next to that one.

Draw an elongated rectangle over the base and round its upper corners, and then add another rectangle as a shadow.

Create the first pillar

Step 10

Now draw two rounded rectangles and subtract one from the other using the Minus Front utility from the Pathfinder panel as shown in the image below.

Add two rounded rectangles in the base

Step 11

Create the column by drawing several rectangles in different color scales.

Create the rectangle of the pillar

Step 12

Now draw the details of the top of the column. Using the Rectangle Tool (M), draw two rectangles and a third one in the middle to create a simple capital. Afterwards, add a series of rectangles as details.

Add details in the top of the pillar

Step 13

Draw two ellipses to the sides of the capital using the Ellipse Tool (L) and apply a radial gradient using the Gradient Tool (G).

More details in the capitel

Step 14

Group the entire pillar together (Control-G) and duplicate it. Place each pillar on each side of the door.

Duplicating the pillars

Step 15

Draw a rectangle behind the door and use a linear gradient as shown in the following image.

Add the background of the door

Step 16

Create new rectangles over the door and add details on the lintel by drawing elongated rectangles (#EDEDED). Afterwards, using the Pen Tool (P), complete the lintel by drawing a trapezium (#EDEDED).

More details in the top of the door

Step 17

Use the Ellipse Tool (P) to draw the window frame around the door, apply the same radial gradient used in the capitals of the pillars. Duplicate (Control-C> Control-F) the ellipse and reduce its scale to create the window.

Creating the windows ellipse

Step 18

Draw rectangles with different widths and rotate them to create reflections in the window. Set the Opacity to 20% in the Appearance panel. Subtract the rectangles on the window using the Shape Builder Tool (Shift-M).

Add highlights in the window

Step 19

Create a smaller ellipse inside the window (#EFEEEF) and then, using the Pen Tool (P), create a horizontal path from the center of the window to its edge. Rotate every 15 degrees using the Rotation Tool (R) to make 12 copies (Control -D).

Create details on the window

Step 20

Draw a rectangle at the bottom of the door to act as the step (#F5F5F5), and then, using the Ellipse Tool (L), draw the entrance and the floor. Finally, draw the wall rectangle in the background.

Drawing the floor in the door and backgrounds

Step 21

Now we’ll add a brick wall. Start by creating a 86 x 31 px rectangle (#DABDC6). Go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform, and apply four copies with the following configuration.

Create the wall bricks pattern

Step 22

Apply Transform once again from the Effects menu. Replicate seven vertical copies to complete the brick pattern. Then, randomly selecting the bricks with the Direct Selection Tool (A), change the color scheme of some of them.

Set the pattern

Step 23

Now, select the group of bricks and create a new pattern (Object > Pattern > Make) with the following parameters.

Set pattern bricks

Step 24

Draw a rectangle in the wall behind the door using the brick pattern.

Apply the pattern bricks in the background

Step 25

Finally, draw two rectangles for the arc of the door. Then draw an ellipse around the arc to complete the frame.

drawing the arc of the door

Awesome! You're Finished!

Done! You have successfully completed this tutorial. As you see, it was very easy and just took a few steps. I hope you find it helpful and that you've learned many new things for your future illustrations. I'll be watching the comments!

final result
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