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How to Create a Glittering Gold Thread Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

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What You'll Be Creating

Glittering text effects are such a lovely addition to almost any design! This tutorial will show you an easy way to create a glittering gold thread text effect, using a simple glitter texture and one layer style. Let's get started!

Tutorial Assets

The following assets were used during the production of this tutorial:

1. Copy the Glitter Texture

Step 1

Open the IMG_1598 image from the Red, Gold, Silver Glitter Background pack. Go to Select > All, and then to Edit > Copy.

Copy the Glitter Texture

Step 2

Create a new 590 x 392 px document, and set the Resolution value to 72.

Go to Edit > Paste, rename the glitter image's layer to Glitter, and then resize it until it fits within the document.

Paste and Resize the Glitter Texture

2. Style the Glitter and Define the Pattern

Step 1

Double click the Glitter layer to apply a Color Overlay effect using the following settings:

  • Color: #b69617
  • Blend Mode: Soft Light
  • Opacity: 50%
Color Overlay

This will brighten up the texture a little bit.

Styled Glitter Texture

Step 2

Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels, and change the Highlights value to 205.

Modify the Levels

Step 3

Go to Edit > Define Pattern, and type Glitter in the Name field.

Define the Glitter Pattern

3. Create the Original Background and the Text

Step 1

Create a new 950 x 700 px document, and then place the Canvas _03 image from the Canvas 1-25 pack on top of the Background layer.

Add the Canvas Texture

Step 2

Create the text using the font Nickainley Regular, and change the Size to 150 pt.

Create the Text

4. Style the Text

Double click the text layer to apply the following layer style:

Step 1

Add a Bevel and Emboss with these settings:

  • Check the Anti-aliased box
  • Highlight Mode: Vivid Light
  • Opacity: 65%
  • Shadow Mode: Color Burn
  • Color: #885f18
  • Opacity: 50%
Bevel and Emboss

Step 2

Add a Texture with these settings:

  • Pattern: Glitter
  • Scale: 25%
  • Depth: 25%

Step 3

Add a Pattern Overlay with these settings:

  • Pattern: Glitter
  • Scale: 25%
Pattern Overlay

Step 4

Add a Drop Shadow with these settings:

  • Blend Mode: Linear Burn
  • Color: #807b6a
  • Opacity: 23%
  • Spread: 3
  • Size: 1
Drop Shadow

And that's pretty much it!

You can use other glitter patterns, and play around with the layer style's colors if needed, to get different results.

Just make sure to use a thin font to get the best effect.

Congratulations! You're Done

In this tutorial, we modified a glitter pattern and used it with a couple of layer effects, to create a super easy and quick glittering gold thread text effect.

Please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, and outcomes below.

Final Result
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