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How to Create a 3D Iconic Sphere in CorelDraw

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Learn here how to create a 3D iconic sphere using a few techniques in CorelDRAW X4. This tutorial will explain every single step to do, so don't be afraid to try this even if it is your first time using corelDRAW X4. We think it's easy as there is no need for sketches that are usually needed in the first step when working. Let's get started!


Create a new blank and change the units to pixels, then change the size to 500px by 500px.

Make sure to activate the Object Manager Docker (Window > Docker > Object Manager), so you can see the layer as in Photoshop.

Make sure to check Highlight outline… (Tools > Option > Workspace > Display), so you can see the edge of any selected object, even it is on the bottom layer.

Step 1

Create a circle using the Ellipse tool ( F7). Hold down Command, and drag in the drawing window until the circle is the size you want. Then Align the centers of the selected objects to the page by pressing P. Then Fill the circle with any color.

Create another circle. Repeat the step but with a smaller size from the first circle and fill it using a different color.

Step 2

Select both circles, by holding down Shift and click both circles. Or you can do it by dragging around the circles. This method is known as Marquee Selecting. Using the Back Minus Front option, cut the shape off.

Now you can see through the circle. Don't draw the blue rectangle, its only for visualization.

Now create another circle with a smaller size, then put it behind the first shape by pressing Command + PgDn. Aligns the centers of the selected objects to the page by pressing P.

Resize the inner shape a bit closer to the outer shape's inner edge. The overlay doesn't matter. Don't forget to hold down the Shift button while you resize the circle.

Step 3

In this step, we'll learn how to fill a color using Fountain Fill.

Select the outer shape, open the Fountain Fill option (you can use the shortcut F11).

In the option, change the type to Radial. Then change the color blend to Custom. Then set the colors as shown below. Ignore the Position.

Press OK and Press G to activate the Interactive fill tool.

We'll change the color's position. Drag the marker just above the color to a new location. Set it up as shown below. Or use your "art sense," just make it looks like a sphere.

Now, we'll fill the inner shape. Select it then open the Fountain Fill option (F11). Change the type to radial. Use the two color from the color blend. Then choose the color.

Tips: Use the same color for both "from and to" but use a 50%-80% darker color for the "from" color.

Now Click OK.

Step 4

In this step, we'll learn how to use the 3D tool.

Click the first shape, in the toolbox, click the Extrude tool. Drag the object's selection handles to set the direction and depth of the extrusion. Set the parameter on the property bar as shown below. Then break the extrude apart by pressing Command + K, so we can modify the inner side color.

If we zoom into the image we'll see it's not precise.

We'll fix it by enlarging the size of the little ring shape (next we call it third shape). The third shape is behind the inner shape, so it doesn't matter the overlay.

Come back and press Shift + F4 (zoom to page). Select the the third shape. Use a Fountain Fill (F11) and set it up as shown below. Click OK

Press G then set the Interactive Drop Shadow Handles as shown below

Step 5

In this step we'll learn to create a bevel effect.

Press F4 to zoom it to all object, we'll do a detailing step so we need a close up shot! Create a circle close to the inner edge of the first shape, then press P to move it to the center of the page.

Create another circle right on the the inner edge of the first shape.

Select both new circles, then click Back Minus Front button. Fill it with white.

Using the Transparency tool, drag the object's selection handles as shown below.

Step 6

I will change the second shape color to make it more contrast. Just do it like we did in Step 3 with a different color position.

Press G to set the Interactive Fill Handles as shown below.

Step 7

We'll learn how to use an interactive drop shadow tool.

Select the third shape and click the Interactive Drop Shadow tool button, then click and drag diagonally from the center to the bottom right side. And set the parameter on the property bar as shown below.

Now it looks nice!

Step 8

The last step, we'll add another drop shadow.

Create a new circle anywhere, fill it with any color. Click the Interactive Drop Shadow tool button, then drag a little down vertically from the bottom of the circle. Then set the property bar as shown below.

Now break the drop shadow group apart by pressing Command + K. Then select the new circle and delete it, leave the drop shadow.

Select the shadow and put it to the Back of the Layer (Shift + PgDn) and move it to the underside of the Sphere.


Create a gradient background and add a reflection effect. You've just learned how to create a 3D iconic sphere in CorelDRAW X4. You can use these in 3D logo design, for icons, or as the basis for your next character design.

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