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How to Add Metadata to Illustrator Files

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Read Time: 2 mins

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to add metadata to Illustrator files and how to inspect this data.

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What You'll Learn in This Illustrator Metadata Tutorial

  • What is metadata?
  • How to add metadata to Illustrator files
  • How to inspect Illustrator metadata

What Is Metadata?

Metadata is a set of information that can be set for a file, such as the document title, author name, description, copyright, and keywords applied to it.

Metadata can be useful when working with massive collections of files as it can make it easier for you to organize or find Illustrator files. Metadata can also be useful to establish copyright information or guidelines.

How to Add Metadata to Illustrator Files

Step 1

To add metadata, all you have to do is go to File > File Info to open the File Info window.

metadata file infometadata file infometadata file info

Step 2

You can set information such as the document title, author name, author title, description, copyright status, or keywords, and you can even rate the design.

Once you're done, remember to click OK and Save (Control-S) your file to apply the metadata.

metadata panel illustratormetadata panel illustratormetadata panel illustrator

Step 3

Existing metadata can be easily saved as a template. Click the dropdown menu from the bottom of the window and go to Export. Type in a name, and then you can Save your template.

Reopen that dropdown menu, and the template will show up in that list. Using this template, you'll be able to quickly add the same metadata to other Illustrator files.

metadata template illustratormetadata template illustratormetadata template illustrator

How to Inspect Metadata

Adobe Bridge is probably easiest and most thorough method that you can use to inspect metadata in Illustrator files.

inspect metadata bridgeinspect metadata bridgeinspect metadata bridge
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