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From PSD to HTML - Site Build over at NETTUTS

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As many of you will remember some weeks ago we posted a PLUS members tutorial here called Designing a Family of Websites and promised an upcoming PSD->HTML tutorial on it. Well I'm happy to say, that after a 10 hour marathon, the tutorial is ready!

From Psdtuts+ to NETTUTS

The tutorial called From PSD to HTML - Building a Set of Website Designs Step by Step is the longest tutorial we've published over at NETTUTS and in my completely biased opinion (I wrote it) is pretty good!

You can of course still get access to the PSD part of the tutorial which comes with 4 layered Photoshop files as well as a tutorial on designing websites via our Psdtuts+ Plus membership. But even without the tutorial will still make sense and you can follow it from beginning to end with no issues.

This is actually our second cross over tutorial, the first one being a much simpler site build. You can start the trail on that one by reading Create a Sleek High-End Web Design from Scratch.

For my next trick I'm planning a tutorial that spans VECTORTUTS, Psdtuts+ & NETTUTS ... though who knows how long that one will take me! :-)

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