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Drawing for Kids: Draw a Cute Baby Fox

Final product image
What You'll Be Creating

You can find a lot of "draw something step by step" tutorials on the Internet, but this one will be a bit different. I'll show you a couple of great techniques you can use later in your own drawings. For example, I'll show you how to have clean lines without an eraser! 

In this tutorial, you'll need only:

  • two sheets of paper (it can be cheap copy paper, I use it myself)
  • a pencil (if you want dark lines, use a softer pencil, for example 2B or lower)
  • a ball-point pen or a marker
what do i need to start drawing

There are a lot of steps in this tutorial, but don't worry—each of them is very small! Don't treat is as work to do. Nobody will give you a bad grade if you make a mistake! Drawing is supposed to be fun, so just enjoy it like any other type of play. Whatever you draw, it will be your drawing, and you can be proud of it, no matter what!

1. Build the Body

Step 1

Draw an oval in the lower half of the sheet. It doesn't need to be perfect. For now we're just drawing the base, and nobody will see it in the end.

Hint: don't try to draw it all at once. Use short, soft lines, with some distance between them. When the whole thing starts to look like an oval, join the lines up.

draw an oval body
This will be the belly of our fox

Step 2

Draw a line under the oval. Again, it doesn't need to be super straight. Don't use a ruler. If it looks shaky, don't worry—draw over it again.

Hint: hover your hand above the paper, pretending to draw the line a few times. Make sure you know where to keep your hand. Then press the pencil and draw the line for real.

draw the ground line
This will be the ground the fox is sitting on

Step 3

Press the pencil a bit harder to draw two more lines over the line you just drew.

draw the paws shadow
Here we're showing where the paws will be

Step 4

Draw two half-circles over the short lines. Make them look like two little domes.

draw the paws dome
And these will be the paws!

Step 5

Find the middle of the paws and mark them with two dots.

Hint: to draw one dot right above another, move your hand up stiffly. Test it a few times before adding the mark.

draw the middle of paws
We need to find out where the legs begin

Step 6

Draw two lines crossing those dots. Again, no need to be perfect!

draw the legs length
This will be the length of the legs. Cute animals have them short!

Step 7

Turn the paper upside-down. Some shapes are easier to draw this way! Draw two drops as shown below. It's not an easy shape, so first draw it with short, light lines:

draw the drops rotate
This technique lets you better draw the shapes you're not confident about

Then join these lines to finish the shape:

draw the drops complete
Aaand the legs are done!

Step 8

To finish the lower body, add one back paw:

draw back paw
The other back paw is not visible in this view

2. Add the Head

Step 1

Before we add the head, we need to find the right place for it. First, let's mark the distance between the paws:

find the middle drawing distance

Step 2

Now find the center of this line, and draw another line through it. It doesn't need to be a strongly drawn line.

drawe the middle line distance
Imagine this is where neck would be

Step 3

Turn the paper upside down one more time. The head will be heart-shaped. If you know how to draw a heart, go on! If not, here's a tip. Start with two circles "kissing" each other:

how to draw heart

Then go down the center line:

how to draw heart done
That's not a very shapely heart, but who cares!

Step 4

Turn the paper back and add the chin.

draw chin head

3. Add the Face

Step 1

The snout of cute animals can be easily made of three things: the chin we've already drawn, and two ovals. You can play with their shape to get some funny effects.

draw mouth two ovals

Step 2

A nose can be made of a simple oval.

draw nose oval

Step 3

To give our cute fox some more character, let's draw the rest of the snout.

draw snout triangle

Step 4

Find the middle of the snout, and draw a horizontal line through it.

draw eyes line
This is where the eyes will be

Step 5

It can be quite hard to put both eyes in the right place. My favorite trick is to use a "mouth triangle". Draw a line between the "eye line" and the mouth to create it.

how to draw eyes symmetry

Step 6

Now draw the eyes in the triangle. Don't worry if one of them turns out bigger—we'll fix it later!

how to draw eyes circles

4. Add the Details

Step 1

Triangles make good guide lines for symmetrical things. You can use this trick to find the place for the ears:

how to place ears properly symmetry drawing
It doesn't matter which angle you choose

Step 2

The ears should be symmetrical, too, so let's sketch their width before drawing them.

draw ears width

Step 3

Connect the width lines with the head using gentle arcs.

draw ears rounded

Step 4

Even animals with pointy ears don't have totally "sharp" tips. To avoid this effect, draw short lines at the tips to show their width.

how to draw fox ears

Step 5

Now join the tips with the rest of the ears.

fox ears done

Step 6

The tail is round at the base and narrow at the tip. Let's draw the first part as a circle.

how to draw fox tail cartoon

Step 7

Now draw a line where the tail goes, right to the tip.

how to draw fox tail direction bent

Step 8

Finally, connect the tip with the circle.

how to draw fox tail done

5. Add the Final Lines

Step 1

Take a ball-point pen, a marker, or whatever you can draw dark lines with. Use it to draw over the lines. You can also use this chance to fix any mistakes (for example, one ear too big).

how to use layers traditional drawing

Step 2

Now take another sheet of paper and cover the picture with it. You should still see the lines, just much weaker. If you can't see it well enough, use a darker marker to stress the lines, or put a thinner sheet of paper on top.

traditional drawing layers photoshop
If you still can't see the lines underneath, you can put both sheets on the window. The light from outside will make the lines very clear, but your hands may get tired quickly. Make sure you put both sheets right over another, so that you can line them up properly after every break.

Step 3

Back to pencil! We're drawing the final picture now, so stay focused.

Draw the lips over the place shown in the picture. If you need to, press the paper firmly to see the lines better.

draw lips animals three

Step 4

Make the smile by adding gentle arcs on the sides.

how to draw smile animal

Step 5

Sketch the outline for the nose and eyes. In the eyes, draw spots of light.

how to draw animal cartoon eyes nose

Step 6

Fill the nose and eyes, drawing a lot of very tiny circles inside.

hhow to draw animal cartoon eyes nose black
The eyes are so dark, because I've used a 7B grade pencil. Don't worry if yours are more gray!

Step 7

Time for the fur. Feel free to use any technique you want. Because the base is well done, you can be very creative about this part—nothing will go wrong!

how to draw cartoon fur
My fox has Jolteon's fur, doesn't he?

Step 8

Draw the rest of the snout.

draw fox snout cartoon

Step 9

To draw the "fingers" of the paws, draw a line in the middle of each, then one more line in the middle of every half.

draw cartoon paws

Draw small arcs between them.

draw cartoon paws top

Add similar, but gentler arcs below.

draw cartoon paws done

Step 10

Draw a huge mane below the head. It will make it look cuter and will cover a big part of the body, so you won't have to draw the details!

draw cartoon mane fox

Step 11

Draw the outline of the belly and legs that show under the mane.

draw cartoon fox belly

Step 12

Add fur to the tail, and draw the ears.

draw cartoon fox tail

Step 13

You can now remove the base and add any details you like to the final picture.

draw cartoon cute fox baby

Good Job!

Although it might have looked like a very simple tutorial, you've just learned a bunch of great tricks. You can use the same base to make other cute animals! I hope you had fun doing this. If you want to ask me anything, or if you have a good idea for a future tutorial, please let me know in the comments.

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