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Digital Drawing for Beginners: From Sketching to Line Art

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Read Time: 1 min
This post is part of a series called Digital Drawing for Beginners.
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In this video lesson, I'm going to guide you through sketching out a rose and then using this as a guide for creating the line art.

Remember to catch up with our previous lesson, Before You Start Drawing, and download the source files for this course.

From Sketching to Line Art

All right, let's start drawing.

Before You Begin

Create a New Layer

Remember to always create a new layer before we start. If you draw directly on the background, you wouldn't be able to create any layer beneath without some tricks. 

Create a New LayerCreate a New LayerCreate a New Layer

Get Your Brush Ready

Once you have your layer, test your sketching brush to find a perfect size for it. 

In traditional drawing, you would like your pencil to be sharp and thin, but this is not traditional drawing. The thinner the line, the more precise you must be. And if you make it thicker, you'll be less precise and you won't see any micro mistakes. And that's perfect for the sketching phase, in which you're not sure what you're drawing yet.

You need to find that sweet spot between two things, and to think for yourself.

Trying out your brushTrying out your brushTrying out your brush

Want More?

In the next lesson, we're going to shade our drawing, simulating a traditional method using a few convenient digital tools.

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