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Digital Drawing for Beginners: Before You Publish Your Drawing

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Read Time: 2 mins
This post is part of a series called Digital Drawing for Beginners.
Digital Drawing for Beginners: Digital Shading

Our video course is coming to an end with our final lesson and conclusion. So let's learn what to do before you publish your drawing.

Remember to catch up with our previous lesson, Digital Shading, and download the source files for this course.

Before You Publish Your Drawing

You have finished your drawing. Now what? If it was a traditional drawing, there wouldn't be much to do. But a digital drawing requires special preparation before it's ready for publishing.

Crop Your Image

Step 1

We need to crop it to create an interesting composition. Find the Crop Tool. The canvas will be selected in a special way. 

Find the Crop ToolFind the Crop ToolFind the Crop Tool

Step 2

When it comes to the ratio of width and height, there are some presets you can choose from. However, there's a better way to find an eye-catching composition. It's hidden on the View list.

View listView listView list

Step 3

If you click the canvas, you'll see special guidelines attached to the edges of the canvas. According to the rule of thirds, a composition looks good if all the important elements are placed close to the intersection of these lines.


Step 4

We also have other rules that work in a similar way. Choose the one that seems the most intuitive for you and drag the edges of the canvas to resize it. Try to place the guidelines over the crucial elements of the drawing. You can switch to the other views any time to see if the drawing looks good in them as well.

When you're done, just hit Enter.

Golden SpiralGolden SpiralGolden Spiral

Awesome Work, You're Done!

In this course, you have learned what digital drawing is, and how it is different from both traditional drawing and digital painting. Now you know how important it is to use a tablet and how to choose the perfect software to create art. I also showed you how to sketch your idea, how to turn it into a clean piece of line art, and how to shade it, step by step, in a quick way.

Finally, you learned how to make sure your drawing looks the best it can before you publish it. 

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