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Design an Eye-Catching Voucher in Photoshop

Final product image
What You'll Be Creating

Welcome to another Photoshop print design tutorial. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to create a nice clean looking design for a present voucher. Follow along to learn some new techniques and basic knowledge when designing artworks for print.

Tutorial Assets 

This tutorial uses images from the Envato Resource Pack and some custom made vector icons that I have created in Illustrator, which you can download from the link on the right:

  • nature-12.jpg 
  • icons.ai
  • stripe-pattern.pat

Also, there are the Lexia and Effra Font Family used which comes with a Typekit or Adobe Creative Cloud subscription: https://typekit.com/

Set Up Document and Guides 

Step 1

Create a New Document with dimensions 105 x 216 mm. This size represents one third of A4 paper size. Set Resolution to 300 and Color Mode to CMYK.

New Photoshop Document

Step 2

Create New Guides. Offset each guide 3 mm from each edge. This represents the bleed area of the document. Follow along and add one vertical guide into the middle as well.

New Guides

Creating Background 

Step 1

Grab image from Resources Pack "nature-12.jpg" and place it into the document.

Place Image

Step 2

Lets adjust the image a little bit. We will use a series of Adjustment Layers to do this. Add Color Balance and set Midtones to +46, +1, +10.

Adjustment Layer Color Balance

Step 3

Now add Levels and adjust the sliders accordingly to the picture shown below to boost the background colors.

Adjustment Layer Levels

Step 4

Use Brightness / Contrast adjustment layer and set Brightness to -4 and Contrast to 35

Adjustment Layer Brightness  Contrast

Step 5

Create a New Layer (Shift-CMD-N) and fill it with Red Color. Change Blending Mode to Screen and add a new Layer Mask. Use Radial Gradient Tool (G) to fade out red color in the left top corner of the Voucher. This will create some warm tones on top of the photo.

Red Tones

Step 6

Select Rectangle Tool (U) and create a new white elongated rectangle. Grab top right corner of the rectangle and move it down into the bottom area of the voucher. Don't forget to set Opacity to 50%.

Transparent Rectangle

Step 7

Follow the same steps to create a new rectangle on the top of the previous one. This time set Opacity to 60%. To make the shape look more interesting add a Layer Mask. Activate Brush Tool (B) and with soft brush remove some white color from the middle area of that rectangle.

Transparent Rectangle 2

Step 8

Again create a new rectangle. Delete bottom left corner to create a triangle. Place the triangle between the right edge and first rectangle. Set layer Opacity to 35%.

Transparent Rectangle 3

Step 9

Duplicate (J) the layer with triangle and set Opacity to 65%. Adjust the triangle slightly accordingly to the picture shown below. Add a new Layer Mask and again use soft brush to fade out some white color from the middle area of the triangle.

Transparent Rectangle 4

Step 10

Create a New Rectangle (U). Move the left top corner slightly below. Fill it with Brown gradient and set Blending Mode to Linear Burn.

Brown Rectangle

Step 11

Duplicate (J) the brown rectangle. Set Blending Mode back to Normal. Change Opacity to 65%. Use Layer Mask and soft brush to fade out bottom areas of the layer.

Brown Rectangle Adjusted With Brush

Step 12

With the layer still selected add Drop Shadow Effect. Set Opacity to 35%, Distance to 10 and Size to 40.

Drop Shadow Effect

Creating Header Area 

Step 1

Create a New Rectangle (U). Shift the right top corner slightly to the left. Fill it with Brown gradient. Add Drop Shadow Effect with Opacity at 20%. Set Distance to 2 and Size to 7.

Brown Header
Drop Shadow Effect

Step 2

Using the same process as described in the first step create a new rectangle. This time fill it with White color and place it below the Brown Header. Activate Free Transform (CMD-T) and skew bottom right corner a bit. Set Opacity to 80%.

White Header

Step 3

Add Layer Mask and use Brush Tool (B) to fade out top areas of the white rectangle. Place this layer below the brown rectangle.

Brushed Area

Step 4

Activate Type Tool (T) and write a "X". In this case I have used Effra Bold Italic. Fill it with White and set Blending Mode to Soft Light. Scale up the "X" until it is the same height as the brown header and place it inside it.

X Character

Step 5

Duplicate (J) the "X" layer and convert the Type into the Shape. Play around with Path Tool (P) and delete anchor points from the "X" until you get an arrow shape. Shift it slightly to the left.

Arrow Shape

Step 6

Use Type Tool (T) to add header text. In this case I have combined Lexia Thin and Lexia Bold fonts to create the text. Fill the thin type with Dark Brown and bold type with White.

Header Text

Creating Badge 

Step 1

Create a New Ellipse (U). Fill it with Brown. Add a Drop Shadow Effect. Set Opacity to 60, Distance to 7 and Size to 12.

Brown Circle
Drop Shadow Effect

Step 2

Create another Ellipse. Make it slightly smaller and place it inside the brown area. Fill Stroke with White and set Weight to 1 pt. Make the stroke dashed.

Dashed Stroke

Step 3

Again create a new Ellipse. Fill it with white to black gradient. Place it above the brown ellipse accordingly to the picture show below and convert it to Clipping Mask. Set Blending Mode to Overlay and Opacity to 35.

White to Black Gradient
Clipping Mask

Step 4

Use Type Tool (T) to write the text "65%". In this case I used Effra Bold font. Play around with font sizes and other preferences to make the result look aesthetic.

Percentage Text

Step 5

Using the same method type in "Sale". Fill text with Orange color and set Capitalization to Small Caps.

Sale Text

Step 6

Use Line Tool (U) to create orange separators next to the "Sale" text. Set line Weight to 5 pt.


Adding Main Text 

Step 1

Create a new text and type "Voucher". Use Lexia Bold Italic font and fill text with Yellow. Adjust Character Tracking to -40. Add Inner Shadow Effect. Set Opacity to -40, Distance to 1 and Size to 1.

Voucher Text
Inner Shadow Effect

Step 2

Next add a Pattern Overlay. Load the "stripe-pattern" from assets. Set Blend Mode to Vivid Light.

Pattern Overlay

Step 3

Add new text "Present". Fill it with Brown and apply the same Inner Shadow Effect from previous text.

Present Text

Step 4

Use Type Tool (T) to add some dummy text or whatever desired text. Fill it with White color and add a Drop Shadow Effect. Set Opacity to 30, Distance to 3 and Size to 8.

Dummy Text
Drop Shadow Effect

Adding Bottom Text 

Step 1

Follow the same techniques to add bottom text. Combine white and yellow colors to match the voucher style. Since they are vibrant colors they make the text legible.

Bottom Text

Step 2

Import the vector icons from the assets. Place the accordingly to the picture evenly across the voucher. Add explanatory text next to each icon such as: Address, Phone Number of Email Address.

Lower Icons

Step 3

Lets add one more white separator. Create a Dashed New Line (U) and set Weight to 3 pt.

Dashed Separator


In this tutorial we have covered some basic steps how to create a simple voucher. If you followed along you should have a nice design complete which you can use as template for your client or any other project. Use your imagination to play with colors and background picture to get some alternative designs.

Quick Tip

You can use the final artwork as a template to create alternate designs. Play around with colors and background images to achieve various results.

Final Product Alternate Designs

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