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Crochet a Gorgeous Granny Square Cushion Cover

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Read Time: 5 min
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In this tutorial you're going to learn how to make a gorgeous granny square cushion cover to brighten up your sofa. I was inspired by bright spring colours, but you can use any colours you like. This pattern uses US terms and stitches include single crochet (sc); double crochet (dc); double crochet 2 together (dc2tog); chain (ch) and the magic ring.



1. Make a Granny Square

Step 1

Using white yarn, make a magic ring and secure with a stitch.


Chain two, work two double crochets in the ring, chain one, work three double crochets in the ring. Continue until you have four clusters of double crochet stitches (also called granny clusters).


Cut the yarn and pull through the loop on your hook. Pull the ring closed, and you'll see a circle forming.


Thread the end through your darning needle and insert from front to back in the first double crochet you made, skipping the initial two chains.


Pull through, then insert your needle from front to back through the back loop of the last stitch you made.


Pull tight and sew in the end. Because we started with a magic ring, leave the other yarn end for now. We're going to be pulling on our first stitches in the next round; we want to keep that yarn end so we can close the circle a bit more after the next round.


Step 2

With orange yarn, make a slip knot on your hook. We're going to make two granny clusters separated by a chain 1 in each space.


Crochet one granny cluster (three double crochets), chain one, crochet another granny cluster.


Do the same in all four corners. Your piece should now look square.


Finish the round the same way we did in Step 1, using your darning needle. You can now also sew in the left over end of round one, after you've pulled it tightly to close any gaps.


Your square should now look like this.


Step 3

With yellow yarn, make a slip knot on your hook. Starting in the middle of one side, make a granny cluster. When you get to a corner, make two granny clusters separated by a chain 1.


Finish the round again with your darning needle. It now looks like this.


Step 4

With white yarn we're now making the last round of our granny square. Make it as the previous steps; granny clusters in the spaces between the clusters of the previous round, and two clusters and a chain 1 in the corners. Finish off with your darning needle.


Congratulations, you have made a granny square! For a cushion cover of 50cm x 50cm, you'll need about 25 squares. Make 24 more squares in a colour scheme you like.


2. Join the Granny Squares

Step 1

To join the squares, we're going to work from right to left, horizontally. Grab two squares and place them 'right' side together.


Insert your hook in the corner stitch of both squares, through the back loops only.


With white yarn, slip stitch the squares together. Pull the yarn through both loops and the loop on your hook. Work until you reach the corner on both squares. Grab two more squares, and join them to the other two squares. Keep going like this until you've crocheted all squares together horizontally.


Step 2

We're now going to join the squares vertically. Use the same method as the previous step. When you come to an intersection, slip stitch in the corners, chain one, and proceed to the corners of the next two squares.


Sew in the ends on your piece.


Step 3

We're going to make one more round of granny clusters, around our entire piece. This gives it a nice and finished look.
Start with a slip stitch on your hook and make a granny cluster in between the clusters of the granny squares. When you get to an intersection, make one double crochet in the chain 1 space of the corner from the right hand square; then make a dc2tog in the same space (double crochet 2 together) by starting a double crochet stitch.

Before you pull the yarn through the last two loops: yarn over, insert your hook in the chain 1 space of the corner from the left hand square, make another double crochet but finish it by pulling your yarn through the last three loops on your hook. Make another double crochet in the same space; you should now have three stitches connecting both squares.


3. Make the Back of the Cover

Step 1

For the other side of the cushion cover I chose to make one big granny square. To do this, simply start with a granny square and just keep expanding it.


4. Join the Two Sides

Step 1

Put the two sides on top of each other, wrong sides together.


You can now choose to slip stitch them together like you did with the squares, or you can choose to make a more ridged edge by using a single crochet stitch to join them. To join them, insert your hook in the corners of both squares and start single crocheting them together, through the inner loops only.


When you get to a corner, make a single crochet, chain 1 and make another single crochet in the same space.


Step 2

When you've joined three sides of both squares, insert your cushion.


Continue to single crochet the squares together. Finish off with your darning needle.

Well Done, You're Finished

You have now made a granny square cushion cover. Congratulations!

In this tutorial you have learnt how to make a granny square, how to join the little squares and how to connect the front and back into a cushion cover.

All you need to do now is place the cushion on your sofa or rocking chair, and enjoy the compliments.


Are you going to crochet this cushion cover? Did you get inspired by our colours? Let us know in the comments section below.

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