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Create a Skating Girl With Basic Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

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Read Time: 10 min

You don't need to be a cool artist to vector characters. In Adobe Illustrator you can create them just with basic shapes. To find out how, let's start!

1. Create the Face

Step 1

Create a New document 600px width and 600px high. Holding the Shift key, draw an even circle by using the Ellipse Tool (L). Set the fill color at R=223 G=178 B=139.


Step 2

Draw two ovals with the Ellipse Tool (L) and the fill color R=73 G=0 B=0.


Step 3

Add two white highlights from the left side.


Step 4

Use the same brown color for stroke as for the eyes. Pick the Pencil Tool (N) and try to draw the eyelashes following red arrows below. Before closing the path, press the Alt key - this option will help you to a start anchor point.


Step 5

Apply a stroke color as a fill color and make a reflection of eyelashes. Keep them selected and right-click your mouse, then Transform > Reflect. In the Axis field choose Vertical and press Copy. Shift it to the right eye. The eyes are done.


Step 6

Create two circles: first - pink R=243 G=113 B=108 and another larger of any color. The larger circle has to almost cover the small one. In the Pathfinder panel select Minus Front.


Step 7

Place the mouth on the face of the little girl.


Step 8

Take the Ellipse Tool (L) again and create an inclined oval (the same color as a face). Press Control-C, Control-F to make one copy over it and make this copy smaller, holding in the same moment the Shift and Alt keys. Set the color R=245 G=141 B=121 for a new oval. Keep selected two ovals and using the Blend Tool (W) select one anchor point in a small pink oval and one anchor point in a light brown oval. Be sure that the Specified Steps in Blend Options are 40 or more (double-click on the Blend Tool (W) to activate the Blend Options window). Add a highlight on the cheek with a white circle.


Step 9

Create a reflection of the left cheek (right-click mouse - Transform > Reflect, Vertical). And put the two cheeks in their place.


2. Create a Simple Hat

Step 1

Make two ovals again like in the image below. First one (orange) is with the color R=230 G=104 B=50 and the second - any color, it's a cutter in this case. Press Minus Front in the Pathfinder panel.


Step 2

Let's add a volume to the hat. Start to shift the hat to the left side holding the Alt key. Select the first example of the hat and make a copy of it (Control-C, Control-F). Keep it selected and select the copy, created with the Alt key, in the Pathfinder panel hit Minus Front. Make this new shape a little darker R=209 G=78 B=32.


Step 3

Let's add a pom-pom. Create the yellow circle (color R=240 G=236 B=112) which you need to send behind the hat (Control-X, Control-B) and a lighter one over it (color R=245 G=242 B=156).


Step 4

Pick the Arc Tool and create a curve in the bottom of a hat. Be sure you checked Round Cap in Stroke panel. For a stroke apply the same color which we used for a pom-pom. You can use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to achieve the results you want by moving the guides.


Step 5

Keep selected this curve and create one copy over it (Control-C, Control-F). Set the stroke color at R=245 G=242 B=156 and make it a bit thinner by decreasing the Stroke Weight in a Stroke panel.


Step 6

Place the hat on the girl's head.


3. Create the Hair

Step 1

Now we need to create a brush. Set the fill color at R=73 G=0 B=0, pick the Ellipse Tool (L) and create a squashed oval. Hit the Pen Tool (P) in the Tools panel and hold your hand for a second on this button. In the pop-up menu you will see the Convert Anchor Point Tool (Shift-C) - take it and convert the right anchor point of the oval to make sharp corner. Then click on the top and bottom anchor points using the Direct Selection Tool (A) and move them a little to the left. You will get something like a droplet. Drag this shape in Brushes panel for creating a new Art Brush. In the appeared window check New Art Brush and press OK. After that will appear another Art Brush Options window, and here just be sure that your direction is from left to right, OK.


Step 2

Take our created brush (be sure you apply the stroke color, not fill) and try to draw the hair of little girl like in the image below. Send the hair to back (right-click mouse Arrange > Send to Back)


Step 3

Let's return to the drop-shaped oval. Make the fill color lighter (I used R=112 G=54 B=54) and drag it again to the Brushes panel. You will get another Art Brush. Draw the front hair with this brush. After that select the hat and send it to front (Control-X, Control-F).


4. Create the Collar

Step 1

Add a yellow ellipse behind the hair but after the head with fill color R=240 G=236 B=112. This will be our girl's collar.



Step 2

Pick the Arc Tool and create a curve. Make the stroke color R=245 G=242 B=156. Place the curve on the collar exactly under the head.


Step 3

With the same Arc Tool draw two tiny curves (R=221 G=215 B=94).


Step 4

Add some more pom-poms. To create them - draw one circle using the Ellipse Tool (L), and set its color to R=235 G=235 B=230. Duplicate it moving this circle a bit up and holding the Alt key in the same moment. Apply the color R=243 G=242 B=240 for a new copy and make it smaller. We added a little volume. Group the whole pom-pom. and holding the Alt key shift it to other side. Now we have two pom-poms, put them in a place.


5. Create the Coat

Step 1

Simply draw an orange rectangle (color R=230 G=104 B=50), incline to the left and place it behind the collar, but before the hair. For this, send to back the orange rectangle (Control-X, Control-B) and then send to back hair.


Step 2

Keep the rectangle selected and go to Effect > Warp > Arc. In the Warp Options window you should make: Style: Arc, Horizontal; Bend: -25; Distortion: Horizontal -30; Vertical 0. But for a better result pick the Convert Anchor Point Tool (Shift-C) and convert two lower anchor points. To achieve results you want move the guides with the Direct Selection Tool (A) .


Step 3

Holding the Alt key, slide the created coat a bit to the left. I marked the new copy with green stroke just for better visibility, it is just a cutter in our case. Duplicate first example of the coat, keep it selected and also select a new copy which we moved to the left. Use Minus Front in the Pathfinder panel to cut off the unneeded parts.


Step 4

Hit the Eyedropper Tool (I) and set for this new shape the same dark orange color as on the hat.


Step 5

Create a thick Round Cap curve (R=240 G=236 B=112) using the Arc Tool. Place on the bottom of the coat.


Step 6

Keep selected the created curve and duplicate it (Control-C, Control-F). Make the copy lighter (R=245 G=242 B=156) and thinner.


6. Create a Mitten

Step 1

Draw two red ellipses, fill color R=239 G=64 B=98. This is the main part of a mitten.


Step 2

Slide the bigger oval to right with pressing the Alt key (I marked the new copy with green stroke). Use Minus Front in Pathfinder and apply the color R=226 G=48 B=90 for the new shape.


Step 3

Add one more oval on the bottom of a mitten (R=235 G=235 B=230).


7. Add a Sleeve and the Other Arm

Step 1

Draw an orange rectangle with a shadow - you already know how to do it from previous steps.


Step 2

Place the mitten over the sleeve.


Step 3

Group the whole arm with the mitten (right-click mouse and Group) and make a reflection (right-click mouse Transform > Reflect, Vertical, and press Copy). Put it in place.


8. Create the Skates

Step 1

Two ellipses - one is standing, one is laying, covering each other. Using the Direct Selection Tool (A) move marked on the image below anchor points a bit down. We will get kind of a boot.


Step 2

In the Pathfinder cut off the piece inside the green stroke ellipse by pressing Minus Front. Then make sure you have selected the two shapes and in Pathfinder panel press Unite. You'll get one figure. By moving or deleting anchor points you can achieve results you want. For moving, you should be using the Direct Selection Tool (A) and for deleting - the Delete Anchor Point Tool (-).


Step 3

Create a shadow on the skates (color R=221 G=221 B=208)


Step 4

Add four more parts: one ellipse (R=242 G=242 B=239) and three small rectangles under the figure skate (R=221 G=221 B=208)


Step 5

Blade of the skates. Draw two overlapping ellipses (R=235 G=235 B=230) and press Minus Front in Pathfinder.


Step 6

Place the blade on the skates.


9. Add a Leg

Step 1

Create the leg of the girl in the same way as you created a sleeve. Fill color is R=239 G=64 B=98 and shadow is R=221 G=40 B=83.


Step 2

Put together a leg and a skate.


Step 3

Group the whole leg and make two of them.


10. Put All Parts Together!

Simply place everything together as shown in the image.


11. Draw a Snowflake

Step 1

Change fill color to R=98 G=199 B=206 and pick the Rounded Rectangle Tool. Draw a very thin and long shape. Add two more tiny rounded rectangles. Place them together as shown below.


Step 2

Select just the two tiny rounded rectangles and right-click your mouse, choose Transform > Reflect. In a field Axis check Horizontal and press Copy. Shift it down.


Step 3

Pick the Rotate Tool (R) and then - be patient - press Enter. A dialogue window will appear where you need to enter 45 degrees and press OK. Keep pressing Control-D, this will repeat your previous movement, and until the snowflake is done. Group it.


12. Create a Star

Take the Star Tool and draw a white star with four corners. Make it more bloated by holding the Control key and changing the sharpness of its angles. In the same way make smaller one (R=219 G=241 B=242) and rotate it on 45 degrees (right-click mouse - Transform > Rotate). Place the small star behind the big one, Group. Make the stars without the green stroke.


13. Background

Step 1

Using the Rectangle Tool (M) and holding the Shift key draw a square (R=129 G=207 B=211) 600px weight and 600px high.


Step 2

Put the snowflake and the star on the background. Make few copies of each and spread them around the blue background.


14. Put the Girl on the Background

Group the whole girl and put her over the background, (right-click mouse - Arrange > Bring to Front).


15. Splash

Step 1

Now you are almost done, just few splashes - and that's all. Create a blue droplet (R=163 G=220 B=223).


Step 2

Duplicate it and place as shown below. Add few tiny circles the same color.


Awesome Work, You're Now Done!

You done a great big excellent job. You created a person just with basic shapes!

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