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Create a Greek Sculpture Using Stock Photography and Photoshop

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In today’s tutorial, we will demonstrate how to create a Greek sculpture using several stock images. We will then discuss how to add blood, cracks, and other elements to give it texture and depth. Let’s get started!

Tutorial Assets

The following assets were used during the production of this tutorial.

Step 1

To start off, download Elegant Girl and open it with Photoshop.

First, isolate the image, you can use whichever method you like for this. I used the brush tool and a layer mask to isolate this photo (as well as all of the other stocks in the piece) but you should use whatever your most familiar with.

Step 2

Once you have isolated out the female we will need to isolate the Marble Bust.

Step 3

Now that we have our two main images, its time to start blending the two together. To do this we need to start off by creating a new document. So go ahead and press Cmd/Ctrl + N on your keyboard and set up the new document as I have done in the below screen shot.

Now drag and drop both of your stocks into the document. Create a duplicate of each layer (the bust you will need, the female just in case!). You will need to free transform them about 50% when doing this. To free transform them you will need to press Cmd/Ctrl + T on your keyboard.

When dropping the female in, free transform her (on top of the bust) so she fits about halfway up the bust as I have done in the below screen shot.

Step 4

Once both stocks are in and sized appropriately, make a selection around the female stock by holding Cmd/Ctrl and performing a Right Click with your mouse on the layer. Once that is done, invert the selection by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + I on your keyboard.

Now erase away (on a layer mask) all of the bust that sticks out from behind our female stock.

Now switch back to your female stock layer. Once you have done that, grab a 400px soft edged eraser and erase away her edges too. Doing this will fade the statue into the female stock.

Step 5

Now grab your duplicate bust and drag the layer above the female layer. Once you have done that select the female, invert the selection as we have done before, and remove all of the new statue that is not covering her.

Now set this to an overlay layer and erase any of the edges that are still hard. If need be, use your clone stamp (50px soft edged) to fill up any areas your overlay layer did not, for instance the neck.

Step 6

Now merge all of your layers. Once this is done, we will desaturate the entire layer; to do this press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + U on your keyboard. Now that it has been desaturated we will fade this by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + F on our keyboards, fade the desaturation to about 40%.

Now repeat the above process, this time fading it as an overlay at 100%. Next we will add in a little bit of color. To add in color we will press Cmd/Ctrl + U on our keyboards. Set up your hue and saturation editor as mine is below.

Step 7

Now we can add in some more color. Make a new layer and fill it with purple, to create the new layer press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + N on your keyboards, then press G on your keyboard to grab the fill tool. Once you have filled the layer with purple, go ahead and make a selection around the statue (as we did before) and delete everything that is not covering that statue.

Set this layer to overlay at 20%.

Next we need to add some more color in. To do this we will head over to the Layer drop down menu and go to Adjustment layers - Photo filters, once you have clicked this a new dialog box should appear with a few presets we can choose from as well as the opacity or Density of the layer. We will click the drop down menu and choose sepia with a density of 25%. Then just press ok! Just leave this layer as a normal layer at 100% and we will continue.

Step 8

Now we will head over to Zen Textures and grab a nice Rocky Texture.

Now we want to drop this in and repeat the isolation process as before (removing everything that doesn’t cover the statue). Once you have done this set it to overlay at 15% and then duplicate it and set it to color. Once you have set it to color you might want to add a Gaussian blur with a radius of about 5px so you get a nice smooth transition.

Next we will enhance our shadows/highlights. To do this create a new layer (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + N) and then grab your brush tool. To enable your brush tool press B on your keyboard, once its enabled left click and set your brush up as mine is in the below screen shot.

Now press D on your keyboard, this will set your color swatches to black and white. Once you have done this just paint some black around the shadows and white around the highlights! Next apply a Gaussian blur with a radius of 4px.

Now set the layer that we painted as an overlay. Depending on how much black/white you painted you may need to tone the opacity of this layer down, I kept mine at about 75%. Also be sure to erase anything that gets off of your statue! Now just merge all of your layers, to do this press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + E on your keyboard.

Step 9

Now we need to go ahead and choose our background image. We will use a stock of a Museum Gallery located at Shutter stock.

Place this stock into a 2000 x 3000 document and apply a Gaussian blur with a radius of 9px.

Step 10

Now we can grab our final stock, the Greek Pillar. This is also located at Shutter Stock. Once you have the pillar stock isolate it out as you have done your previous stock images.

Now pull the pillar stock into our 2000 x 3000 canvas and then pull in the statue. Once both are in, align them as I have done in the below screen shot.

Step 11

Once everything is lined up nicely, go ahead and apply the same coloring techniques we applied to the female/bust to the pillar. This way everything will blend together nicely.

Step 12

Now grab a Gold Texture. We will use this gold texture to give the statue a name plate.

Once you have the texture and have dropped it onto your canvas, apply a Gaussian blur with a radius of 4px as we have done prior. Once that is done all you need to do is free transform it into a tiny rectangle and clean off the edges with your marquee tool (M on your keyboard).

Step 13

To create the blood we will need to make a new layer. Once this is done enable your brush tool and set it up as mine is below.

If you have a tablet, in your brush settings, enable the size jitter and set it to brush pressure. Now just draw some lines on your statue.

Step 14

Next, we will draw some drips. To do this, draw a V like shape. The top of the V (the opening) will be where the drip meets the object (the statue) and the tip or point of the V will be the droplet. Once you have drawn a drip, set your brush settings as mine are so we can create some shadows/highlights.

Now that your brush is set up, just draw over the drip with your brush using black for shadows and white for highlights. If you’re having difficulty with this step you can adjust the opacity of the brush lower or use the burn and dodge tool. Now continue drawing drips for the rest of your statue. When doing so make sure all of your highlights and shadows face the same way!

Step 15

Using the same layer, we will now do some quick adjustments to the eyes. First off, set your brush back up to normal at 100% opacity and then set your color to white. Once that is done, make a slash in each eye to create a highlight. Once you have done that set your brush opacity back down to about 50% and using purple slightly cover the whites of her eyes.

Now we can draw more drips and blood lines coming from the eyes. This is the epicenter of the blood, so make sure it looks good here!

Once you’re satisfied with your drips, we will create a new layer and set it to overlay. Now using the same red that we used for the drips, we can paint some ‘blood stains’ on the statue.

My image now looks like the below image.

Step 16

Now repeat the blood process on the pillar.

Step 17

Once you’re done with your blood we can start adding in some Cracks to the pillar and statue.

Drop this stock onto a new document and desaturate it as we did before, this time however do not fade it. Now we will do a manual level edit. To do a manual level edit press Cmd/Ctrl + L on your keyboard. This will bring up a diagram showing three different triangles, set yours up as mine is in the below screen shot.

Our stock now looks like the below image.

Now using a 300px soft edged eraser go ahead and clean up the sides/edges of the stock. We could clean up the inside as well but any texture given off will be fine.

Once you have cleaned the crack up a bit, make a selection around it. We will now create a brush out of our stock. To create the brush make sure your stock is selected and click the Edit tab, once you have clicked the Edit tab select Define Brush Preset. Now just apply your brush to the statue/pillar.

When doing this it’s best to use more then one crack stock. I used several as shown below.

My image now looks like.

Step 18

Now we can repeat this process with a Spider Web stock to add some web effects.


To finish the piece off I merged it down, applied a color adjustment (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift+ B on your keyboard), sharpened it and sized it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my tutorial and have picked up a trick or two. Or at least came out with some ideas/an image you liked!

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