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Create a Cute, Stylized Suitcase Tag in Pink

Read Time: 6 mins

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to create a suitcase tag with the help of the 3D tools. Learn how to make a custom, seamless, vector pattern quickly. We'll use numerous 3D and layer effects, as well as warping, simple shape creation, pathfinder tools, and more.

Step 1

Open up a new document and select the Rectangle Tool (M). Create a rectangle and fill it with gray.

Step 2

Got to Effect > Stylize > Round Corners and apply a radius of 10pt to the rectangle. Go to Object > Expand Appearance. This will apply the rounded corners. Make a copy of the shape, we will need it again later.

Step 3

Fill the rectangle with a pink color of your choice.

Step 4

Create another rectangle, slightly smaller and place it in the center of the rounded one.

Step 5

Select both and click the Exclude button in the Pathfinder Palette. This will cut out the middle.

Step 6

Use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to select the top points of the rectangle and drag it upwards with the arrow keys. This will extend the rectangle without distorting the corners.

Step 7

Transform the top of the shape so it looks like the one you see in the image below. Add a small rectangle with rounded corners and repeat the Exclude pathfinder option from Step 5 to cut it out of the shape. This shape will be the main suitcase tag shape. Make a copy of it and keep it aside for later.

Step 8

Select the just created shape and open the 3D Extrude & Revolve Effect (Effect > 3D Extrude & Revolve). Apply the settings below. Play around with the highlights. Set one highlight to the back and make sure that you change the perspective value.

Step 9

This is what it should look like. Don't expand the effect, we need to apply our custom pattern, which we will create in a few minutes.

Step 10

Duplicate the 3D shape underneath (Command + C + B) and move it a few notches to the right and bottom.

Step 11

Let's get started with the custom pattern. This is a fairly simple pattern, but the steps are always the same to create a seamless pattern. I wanted to create a stylized leather pattern of sorts. To start we need to set up a square with guidelines. Turn on the grid to help you. Start creating shapes that overlap the guidelines a bit. But leave the right side and bottom sort of empty, don't overlap there yet. We need this space for the seamless setup.

Select the first top shape with the guideline (make sure they are not locked) that overlaps and with the Option + Shift key pressed, drag it to the bottom guideline and make sure that the selected guideline matches up exactly with the bottom guideline. This will add the shape to the bottom, but only the part that overlaps on top. This will make the pattern seamless. Repeat this with each overlapping shape, duplicate it with the guideline as a reference to the exact opposite.

Step 12

Once you have duplicated all the overlapping shapes, create a square matching the guideline square and set the stroke and fill to none. PLace it on top. Then select all the shapes and the square (make sure that now your guidelines are locked), and in the Pathfinder Palette select the Crop option. This will cut off all overlapping pieces.

Step 13

Drag the new shape into the Swatch Palette. Done, you have created a seamless pattern.

Step 14

Take the original shape that you duplicated and create an offset path with the outline.

Step 15

Once you have the outlines, set the color to white to make it more visible. The stroke should be a little smaller than the shape. We will use the outline for stitches.

Step 16

Select the outlines and apply a stroke of 2pt and set it to a dashed line, 6pt dash, and 2 pt gap.

Step 17

Change the color to a darker pink and outline the stroke (Object > Path > Outline Stroke). Now duplicate the pink shape on top (Command + C + F) and fill it with the pattern we created. Set the Layer Mode to Multiply, 20%.

Step 18

Drag it into the Symbols Palette.

Step 19

Go back to the 3D shape and open up the 3D effect via the Appearance Palette. Then click the Map Art button and apply the symbol we just created to the first surface.

Step 20

This is what the applied map art should look like.

Step 21

Let's create a name tag. Choose a font and add the text. Set a white rectangle as a background. Create a rectangle the same size as the cutout part of our suitcase tag 3D shape. Select the text with the white background and drag it into the symbols palette.

Step 22

Apply the same 3D effect from earlier to the rectangle.

Step 23

Click the Map Art button and apply the name tag we just created from the symbols.

Step 24

Place the shape on top of the suitcase tag.

Step 25

Create a similar shape for the middle with the Pen Tool (P), and fill it with a radial black to white gradient. Place it on top and set the Layer Mode to Multiply at 46%.

Step 26

Create another shape similar to the one below and repeat Step 25.

Step 27

Select the top 3D shape of the pink suitcase object and add a Drop Shadow (Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow). Repeat this with the bottom shape.

Step 28

Create three shapes similar to the images below. This will be the belt for the suitcase tag. FIll one shape with a darker pink, one with a linear gradient (light pink to dark pink), and one with the seamless pattern. Set the pattern shape to Layer Mode Overly at 100%.

Step 29

Place them on top of each other with the dark pink shape on the bottom and the pattern on top. Move the bottom shape a few notches to the right and bottom. This will simulate a thickness. Then group them together (Command + G).

Step 30

Select the grouped object and apply rounded corners. Expand the appearance. Make a duplicate of the shape.

Step 31

Select the shape and got to Object > Envelop Distort > Warp Options, Arc Upper and apply the settings below. Remove the rounded corners with the Direct Selection Tool (A) or the Pen Tool (P).

Step 32

Add another Drop Shadow Effect.

Step 33

Repeat Steps 31 to 32 and apply another Warp to the duplicate from Step 30. Choose the settings below. Then add another Drop Shadow and place the shape underneath the suitcase tag.


I created some simple holes by just placing a white circle on the bottom belt and added a simple knuckle. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy travels :)

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