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Advanced Photo Manipulation Techniques: Filters and Adjustments

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This post is part of a series called Advanced Photo Manipulation Techniques.
Advanced Photo Manipulation Techniques: Blending and Lightning Effects

This is last video in our seven-part video series on Advanced Photo Manipulation Techniques.

Check out Part Six of this series to learn how to blend your model into the landscape before adding awesome lightning strikes using custom brushes.

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How to Add the Final Filters and Adjustments

In the final part of this series, instructor Lewis Moorhead will go over how to finalize the photo manipulation. Start by using filters like Lighting Effects and Sharpen. Then add a bit of Noise to blend the whole environment together.

Awesome Work, You're All Done!

In this course, you've learned the importance of staying patient with your photo manipulations. Throughout this process, you'll have to edit and adjust your images continuously to make the composition work. You also learned the incredible versatility of the filters and Adjustment Layers available in Adobe Photoshop.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Here's a final recap from instructor Lewis Moorhead which covers everything we've learned from this series.

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