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In this tutorial, we'll explain how to create a magic hat icon with a cute bunny inside. We'll use the pen tool, pathfinder palette, and other tools to create this design. Let's get started with making a magically cute, vector design!

Final Image Preview

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Step 1

Open up a new document and create an ellipse with the ellipse Tool (L). Fill it with a dark gray linear gradient. Then duplicate the ellipse and scale it down to about 2/3 of the other one.

Step 2

Select both and open up the Align Palette. Then while still selected, click once on the bigger one. This will set the object where the other shape will be aligned at. Then click the horizontal and vertical center button.

Step 3

Make a copy of the two shapes. We need the shapes later again. Then select both again and click the Divide option in the Pathfinder Palette. Select the Direct Selection Tool (A) and delete the inner shape.

Step 4

Go back to the copy we made and select the ellipse and apply an Outer Glow to it.

Step 5

Make two more duplicates of it (you can remove the outer glow via the Appearance Palette) and overlap them slightly. Then apply again the Divide option in the Pathfinder Palette. Delete the pieces until you have one small sickle shape left.

Step 6

Fill the sickle shape with a lighter radial gradient. This shape will be the highlight around the hat rim.

Step 7

Take the three shapes we created and place them on top of each other just like you see in the image below. The hat rim is ready. The divided shape we will need later on for an Opacity Mask.

Step 8

Create a rectangle the same width as the small dark center of the hat rim. Then make a copy of the small dark ellipse from the previous steps and align it on the bottom of the rectangle.

Step 9

Just in case, you can verify the width and make them exactly the same by selecting the shape and opening the Transform Palette.

Step 10

Place the ellipse flush to the rectangle. Then click the Unite option in the Pathfinder Palette.

Step 11

This will be the hat bottom.

Step 12

Select the outer left path point of the shape with the Direct Selection Tool (A) and move it towards the left several points. We want to widen the bottom of the shape. Repeat this with the other side. You might have to remove some extra points.

Step 13

Fill the shape with a dark gray to black radial gradient and add an Outer Glow to it.

Step 14

Create a band like shape with the Pen Tool (P) and fill it with a black to pink radial gradient. Place it on top of the previous shape.

Step 15

Create another rectangle with a rounded bottom on the long side of the shape. Fill it with a silver linear gradient, then set the Layer Mode to Overlay and Opacity to 30%. Fill the smaller ellipse with black.

Step 16

Create a small shape for the bottom of the hat. You can either create it with the Path Tool (P) or create it out of the hat shape, just like we created the sickle shape for the hat rim highlight in Step 5. Fill it with black and place it on top of the hat bottom.

Step 17

Create two ellipse shapes. One bigger than the other one. Place the bigger one behind the smaller one, fill it with black, and set the Opacity to 0.

Step 18

Select both and apply a Blend with Specified Steps of 100. This will be the hat shadow.

Step 19

Place the shadow shape underneath the hat bottom.

Step 20

Place the hat rim shapes on top of everything.

Step 21

Create a bunny ear like shape, fill it with pink, and add a white stroke of 5pt.

Step 22

Create a smaller shape inside and fill it with a darker pink. Leave the stroke empty.

Step 23

Group the shapes and duplicate it to the right. Then scale and rotate it.

Step 24

Duplicate these ears and expand the shapes. Click Command + C once. Then re-select the original ear shapes and apply an Opacity Mask to them. Once you activate the Opacity Mask by clicking on the black square in the Transparency Palette, simply copy the shape onto it by hitting Command + V. Move it on top of the ears, then apply a black to white gradient to hide the bottom of the ears.

Step 25

Click on the ears on the square to leave the Opacity Mask. We need to go and make a copy of the shape we created in Step 3. Cut it in half and repeat the copy command and go back into the Opacity Mask. Paste the shape. Align it so it covers the ears and hides them. To do so, fill the shape with black.

Step 26

In case the shape doesn't cover the full ears on the bottom, drag the mid-bottom point downwards.

Step 27

Leave the Opacity Mask and place the ears on top of the hat. Now they look like they come out of the hat.

Step 28

Let's create some eyes. Create three circles, each one bigger then the other. Fill the smallest with white, the next with black and the biggest with a white to black gradient. Then place the circles on top of each other. The smallest circle is the pupil highlight.

Step 29

Group the shapes and duplicate them. Then place them next to each other and apply an Outer Glow to them.

Step 30

Place them on top of the hat rim.

Step 31

Create a background with a dark gray to black radial gradient. Then create a small circle, fill it with yellow and apply a Feather effect of 35pt to it.

Step 32

Repeat Step 31 and place several other circles with different colors and the Feather effect behind the hat. Then select the circles and change the Opacity.


This is it! I added some funky star light shapes, and abracadabra - the magic hat is ready!

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