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30 Cool Vector Illustrated Skateboard Decks

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The vector format is perfect for design because of its scalability. A small doodle can be stretched to fit a poster, or an even more unusual shape... like a skateboard deck. Long the home of innovative and sometimes controversial designs, skateboard decks make a statement about their owner.

Here are 30 very cool examples of vector skateboard deck art with info on the artists behind them, plus some resources to help you get started creating your own skateboard deck art.

Emil Kozak

Spanish illustrator Emil Kozak has a variety of work in his portfolio, these examples of his skateboard deck design for the LAB Anatomi Series and The Flow Store showcase his great use of vector graphics and shapes.


Freelance designer and illustrator Drez has many of his skateboard designs brought to life by exporting his vector artwork for creation as plotted vinyl graphics. His other deck designs feature a collection of fantastic illustrations with heavy textures and a variety of graphics.

Andrew Graves

Andrew Groves of IMAKETHINGS works alongside Foundation Skateboards to create a variety of skateboard deck series. With a trademark style his designs often feature illustrated characters.

Nils Carlson

Nils Carlson’s mostly hand-drawn design work makes for a great looking and detailed deck design, often limited in colour his illustrative style is shown in full focus.

Arthur Smit

Hermit Design designer and illustrator Arthur Smit from the UK takes his illustrative style to the canvas of skateboard decks with two excellent examples featuring his unique character designs.

Juan Angel Dibuja

The work of Juan Angel Dibuja includes some brilliant illustration, with a range of skateboard deck designs in his commercial portfolio he is an experienced master of the industry.


Designer, Illustrator and Street Artist Bluecocoa has a diverse selection of work including fashion illustration and paint based artwork. His skateboard deck art in particular includes some awesome designs.

David Carvalho

Portuguese Artist and Designer David Carvalho undertakes a variety of design work from identity design to illustration. His illustrative work for Yoda Skateboards is one example of his intricate and inspiring design style.

Luis B Boy

Luis B Boy took on a series of roles in his recent commission for Madrid based skateboard company True Skateboards. Not only designing the stunning skateboard deck artwork but also creating the website and promotional material behind the brand.

Mike Speero

Mike Speero, a graphic designer from Sweden has a unique and recognisable style, using a playful style his illustrations boast bright colours and peculiar creatures.

Shane Cawthon

Shane Cawthon, the designer and illustrator behind Thrillustrate produces a range of design material encompassing character development, apparel graphics and skateboard deck designs. With a focus on typography his works showcase the brand name in a visually impactful design.

Kate McInnes

Australian illustrator Kate McInnes, commonly known as LoungeKat has a collection of stunning vector design material. With bright colours and sensual artwork her skateboard designs are developed with tight relation to her trademark style.

Massamiliano Panzironi and Sonia Di Rubbo

DolceQ designers Massimilliano Panzironi and Sonia Di Rubbo combine their creative talents with erotic imagery, flowers and butterflies to create a range of artwork from music videos and designer toys to vector based skateboard designs.


Design studio Vault49 are no strangers to producing stunning design material for high end clients. Their range of design creations also made their way onto skateboard deck designs and are presented for sale from the Vault49 store at


The skateboard deck art of Mobu includes a collection of brightly coloured and fun vector artwork featuring flowing shapes and the occasional Monkey illustration.

Joel Glovier

Extending his design material to skateboard decks Joel Glovier presents a collection of colourful and detailed vector illustrations in the form of JAG Boards.

Joshua Agerstrand

Joshua Agerstrand has a mixture of crisp vector artwork and rough hand-drawn material in his portfolio. Included in his collection are these stunning skateboard deck designs.

Sean Tubridy

Sean Tubridy is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Minneapolis. Alongside a collection of print designs he has produced skateboard design work for his former company, BettyBoards, who sold skateboards and shirts for female skaters.

Brett Wilkinson

With a love for bright colours, hand drawn typography and twisting shapes Brett Wilkinson has created a range of deck designs for Serbian skate company Carrot Skateboards. Designs are to be launched in the upcoming series along with various clothing prints.

Links and Resources

Fancy producing design material for skateboard decks of your own? Here are a few resources and links that will help get you started:

Popdeck is the online community for skateboarders and designers. The site acts as a giant competition where design entries are continuously submitted, designs are then voted on by members with winning designs being released as limited editions as well as a cash prize.

Along with the opportunity to get your work seen and used in the real world, check out the forum to discuss tips gain advice from fellow designers.

Sister site to Popdeck, Deckpeck allows anyone to setup their own skateboard deck design store and have their work printed and shipped to buyers. Make money and track your sales via the online account and showcase your designs to the world!

Skateboard Design Groups

The two largest skateboard design groups on Flickr are Skateboard Graphics and Skateboard Design & Graphics. Each group has a gallery to present and showcase your designs, as well as discussions to pick up and share valuable tips.

Skateboard Template

Mock up your skateboard deck designs on this fantastic template, freely available under a Creative Commons license by generous Deviant Art member Nunosk8. At high resolution and multiple Photoshop layers the template allows you to create realistic examples of your printed decks on coloured or natural decks with the choice of removing or keeping trucks and wheels.

Download the Template

Skate Deck Pattern Tutorial

Ben Beach of ilovedust reveals some excellent Illustrator techniques to create an intricate repeating vector pattern ideal for skateboard deck art. Read up on the five page tutorial at Digital Arts.

Read the Tutorial

Tasty Skate Deck Graphic Tutorial

This brilliant PDF tutorial from Computer Arts magazine presents expert techniques and advice from McFaul on the creation of an initially hand drawn skateboard deck design. Check out the interesting insight into the printing and production process at the end of the article.

Read the Tutorial

Combining Vector Elements to Create a Skate Deck Design Tutorial

A great tutorial from Track6 takes you through the process of generating vector resources which are then compiled to create an intricate and textured design.

Read the Tutorial

Screen Printing 101

Knowledge of the printing process for any type of design is always important; this article is a superb walkthrough of the process of screen printing, a technique used on the more traditional and up market deck designs. As opposed to the cheaper heat transfer alternative, screen printing requires a little more attention when creating the initial artwork. Knowing how the designs are produced subsequently helps gain ideas on what can or cannot be easily reproduced in a design.

Read the Tutorial

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