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100 Artworks from the Top Digital Artists in Asia

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Last time we honed in on some of the best Photoshop talent coming out of the USA and Canada. This week we turn to Asia - and since everything we learned about geography we learned from FIFA - Asia also includes Australia. Hit the jump for some sweet, sweet eye-candy!

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1. Luke Lucas

Representing: Melbourne, Australia

There are those who are good with typography and then there are those who are amazing at it. Luke Lucas is definitely in the latter of those categories. Anyone who can create a font entirely out of tongues is pretty amazing to me. He is also an editor at fairly popular blog called Life Lounge.

2. Justin Maller

Representing: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"Justin Maller is a freelance illustrator and art director based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been creating digital art for over eight years, and has produced professionally in both a private and studio based capacity for the last two."

3. Liu Zheng aka 96k

Representing: Beijing, China

"96k was born in a port city of developing country(CHINA), deeply influenced in his childhood by the different foreign cultures and religions, he addicted himself both into the exotic & traditional arts, At early, adoring the sprint,he was trained to be an excellent professional sprinter, however because of many reasons he had to quit, in future days, art focuses all his energy. As most artists who pursue the liberty, he stopped his school life to start his own art career after graduated from university."

4. Nod Young

Representing: Beijing, China

"Nod has carved a niche in the realm of enterprises looking to make their marks both within and beyond China. As the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Khaki Creative & Design, Nod leads a team of multicultural artists and designers that uses clean and strong visuals to fulfill diverse marketing strategies. At the same time, Nod has helped to create an environment that fosters creative ideas both for himself and his team."

Some of the work below also includes illustrations for friend Popil.

5. Shadow Chen

Representing: Ningbo, China

Shadow Chen was originally born in China. He also originally went to school for product design. During his post graduate, he decided that he wanted to be an illustrator. After that thought, there was no looking back. Now he has his dream job doing illustrating work for anything from web design to package design!

6. Ipang Bangsad

Representing: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Ipang Bangsad is a cool vector illustrator and designer from Cambodia. His work has the look and feel of that classic tattoo style which is as timeless as some of Ipangs designs. Although he seems to really favor the classic flash art style, he isn't limited to it. He seems to have mastered a number of various design styles.

7. Mike Chan

Representing: Hong Kong (historical), Hong Kong

Mike seems to have a passion for all types of design mediums. While it looks as though his design skills are what bring in the bacon, he also has quite an eye for photography. His love for design started at the wee age of 13. At 15 he created his first web site design, at which point his high school at teacher saw his skills and encouraged him to create the schools website.

8. Calvin Ho

Representing: Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

"Atomic Attack is the personal website of Calvin Ho. AA was formed in 1997. Working on a wide range of projects that cover design, art direction, illustration & motion for the music, fashion, art, film & entertainment industries. Below are some past projects which are not directly related to design as such but more of Calvin's love with music, magazines, collecting toys, writing and creating interesting online projects."

9. ISE

Representing: Bangkok, Thailand

The designer currently known to me as "ISE" caught my attention because "they" have a cool style that is very much their own. It almost reminds me of a more modern version of the artwork you used to see in salons and fashion magazines during the 80's. I think the combination of this slightly retro style mixed with modern trends really makes it stand out.

10. Sajith Jayaweera

Representing: Colombo, Sri Lanka

While probably a lot lesser known than many of the names on this list, Sajith portfolio work on Behance stood out to me because of how unique it was. So many talented designers are just playing off each other and the current trends. While Sajith has some trendy styles, I like that many of his works have a style not widely seen. It is styles and ideas like this that start trends.

11. Mac Funamizu

Representing: Tokyo, Japan

"For the first 10+ years of my career, I had been a teacher of English and an interpreter. Changed my career path in 2005 to become a designer. By combining my presentation methods and visualization skills which I acquired through my teaching career and design sense, I can always create user-centered designs that captivate and magnetize users' attention. I believe that design is communication.”

12. Gaku Imai

Representing: Okayama, Japan

"Gaku Imai is a freelance illustrator / graphic designer based in Okayama, Japan. PEANUTS TASTE is the creative identity of Gaku Imai.

He loves cute objects, funny gadgets, mechanical parts and unique characters. He uses contrasted vivid colors with heavy outline."

13. Filter017 Graphic Design

Representing: Taipei, Taiwan

"Filter017 was created by Enzo, Wen, and Nick since 2004. Our team consists of Mixed Sauce & Wonder Work + 99% passion towards creation.
We infuse unique graphics into all kinds of design."

14. Kode Logic

Representing: Melbourne, Australia

"I’m a graphic designer from Melbourne Australia first started drawing from when i was 6 and still haven’t took the pen out of my hand and now transferred my skills to a digital platform were i have Been doing it for the past 4 years and I’m still picking up new skills along the way learning many different styles and trying to create my own and my first for knowledge is one that never goes away No matter how much i take in that is why i love doing collaborations with other talented people To learn there take on design and learn off that foundation to create a major outcome and to me remembered for what i have done."

15. Christopher Haines

Representing: Perth, Australia

Christopher Haines is a designer that comes from Perth Australia. He has had a passion for all thing art and designed related ever since a very young age. But, it is only recently that he has begun to pursue his love of design by focusing on digital illustration in a variety of formats.

16. Pixel Pastry

Representing: Singapore, Singapore

Lim Si Ping is a 22-year-old designer who first made her presence known in the design industry at the age of 18. Her portfolio is a spectrum of visionary work that first emerged from an established profession in digital illustration. In the span of her four-year career as a freelance artist, her work has gained her recognition in international media, which includes Territory Magazine (Asia), Lürzer's Archive (Austria), Computer Arts Magazine (UK), and The Art Directors' Club (Germany).

17. Sheena Aw

Representing: Singapore City, Singapore

"I'm a motion graphic designer & animator from Singapore. I do illustrations and digital art in my freetime. Worked with MTV Asia,Sony International and various corporate clients. Hoping to reach out to the world with my art and character designs."

18. Masaki Yokobe

Representing: Tokyo, Japan

"My name is Masaki Yokobe and a professional digital artist based in Japan. I have been a professional motion graphics work and 2D . 3D cg . composite artist for nearly four years now. I spent two and half years as cg designer at namco , where I was a key member of the ACECOMBAT5 movie team. After namco , I joined NHK special project (TV program) as a story board artist and 3DCG artist.

19. K3 Studio

Representing: Osaka, Japan

"I'm a scientist and an artist. My field of science is Physics and Nanotechnology. I think that the knowledge and experiments of science lead to a new field of the art.

Now my field of the art is Digital Abstract. I'll study more and more, and then I want to create the new field of the art. The Chromatic series is one of the new field. If you like my works, I'm very glad."

20. Archan Nair

Representing: New Delhi, India

"Archan Nair is a 26 year old, self developed artist , multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator,Based out of New Delhi, India. Specializing in Art Direction, Illustration, and Digital Art, he has been producing illustrations and interactive designs for Pepsi, Tiger Beer, Canon, Microsoft, GQ etc. he has been featured in publications like Computer Arts, Digital Arts, Advanced Photoshop, Bak, Vanity Fair, and has been featured by Music Artists like Kanye West and more."

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