The Manual: Issue 4


For the first time ever, one of our issues is available in three different editions:

In this issue

  • On a far-reaching journey to the soundtrack of Dylan, Craig Mod seeks rules that will yield permission to do the necessary work.
  • Wilson Miner looks beyond product to the underlying process and broader systems as a source for renewal in design.
  • Diana Kimball probes the complexities of mentoring relationships, considering why they’re tenuous and how they work.
  • Jennifer Brook retraces her path from print to digital and examines the immersion that’s necessary for fluency in new platforms.
  • David Cole reimagines data, embracing it as an essential aspect of the design process.
  • From the audacious to the disturbing, Paul Ford surveys the idiosyncrasies of the file formats that define the web.

In their accompanying lessons, these writers share stories of travel and remembrance, loss and meaningfulness, rivalry and revelation, art and community, disappointment and acceptance, dissonance and relief.

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November 20, 2014