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The Manual: Issue 2


In our second issue, we bring together stories from: Alex Charchar, Mark Boulton, Karen McGrane, Cennydd Bowles, Trent Walton, and Josh Brewer.

Issue 2 is currently available as a hardback print edition, designed by Jez Burrows. In this issue

  • Through the lens of grief, Alex Charchar sees creative work, and the world, differently.
  • Tasked with designing a new wayfinding system for a museum, Mark Boulton experiments on patrons and meets with honest feedback.
  • For Karen McGrane, what was once a disability is now, sometimes, a superpower.
  • Cennydd Bowles argues that the future of web design can be saved if web applications are built not only for humans but for humanity, and made to last.
  • When we learn to articulate the complexity and value of our work, Trent Walton forsees not only better understanding but greater respect for our profession.
  • Josh Brewer welcomes the end of the rock star era and the dawn of great design teams.

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October 28, 2011