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The Manual: Issue 1


For our first issue ever, we gathered contributions from: Simon Collison, Dan Rubin, Liz Danzico, Frank Chimero, Jon Tan, and The Standardistas.

Issue 1 is currently available as a hardback print edition, designed by Jez Burrows.

In this issue

  • As the web matures, Simon Collison identifies what distinguishes great designers: the ability to inquire beyond the necessary, yet focus on what they love.
  • Frank Chimero observes the struggle to stay human online and the imperative to build the web in a way that eliminates the distance between us.
  • Considering the proliferation of web design galleries, Jon Tan advocates for context in the exhibition and archival of web design.
  • Dan Rubin examines how the history and meaning of the page has influenced the way we design the web.
  • Chronically interested in everything, Liz Danzico comes to recognize the value of white space in creating a life.
  • With the craft of our industry in place, The Standardistas define a process for cultivating critical thinking.

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August 8, 2011