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Mastering Illustrator


One of the most beloved pieces of vector graphic software among web designers is Adobe Illustrator. But getting to know all of its tools and features can be time-consuming. With this eBook, we try make the process a little bit easier. You'll learn how to create graphics, transform a sketch into a vector, combine analog and digital techniques, prepare artwork for screen printing, and also learn useful typography tips, all focusing on Adobe Illustrator.

If you want to master using Adobe Illustrator, this eBook might be exactly what you're looking for.

Table of Contents

  • Productive Web Design With … Adobe Illustrator?
  • Creating Graphs With Adobe Illustrator
  • Illustrator’s Live Trace: Sketch to Vector
  • Mixing Up Illustration: Combining Analog And Digital Techniques
  • Examples And Tips For Using Illustrator’s Warp Tools
  • Preparing Artwork for Screen Printing in Adobe Illustrator
  • Create a Cute Little Tiger in Illustrator
  • Useful Typography Tips For Adobe Illustrator

Excerpt From Chapter 2

Creating Graphs With Adobe Illustrator — by Goce Mitevski

"Office applications are getting very advanced these days offering all sorts of fancy features for data visualization. Graph generation is a standard feature in desktop applications like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.org Calc, but it can also be achieved in non-spreadsheet applications like Adobe Illustrator.

Creating graphs in Adobe Illustrator is generally a straightforward task but once you get into advanced techniques of graph design, functionality can get quite annoying. You’ll be surprised to discover that basic tasks like scaling and aligning are not instantly applicable on graphs".

Excerpt From Chapter 6

Preparing Artwork For Screen Printing In Adobe Illustrator — by John Rainsford

"Getting t-shirts printed is an ideal way to promote your business, organization or event. They are a promotional item that people can actually use, and they have the added bonus of being an advertisement for you. In this article, Adobe Illustrator will be used to create a three-color screen print using a fictional company logo, and have it set up to allow a screen printer to easily print the color separations that create the separate screens for each color print.

Although some printers prefer to create their own separations, it’s always good to understand the process. Be sure to communicate with your printer as they will specify their requirements, and will often give you tips for avoiding potential issues in the process".

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