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5.1 Wrapping Up

Let’s have a quick recap of what we’ve learned, and talk about what you might like to do next.

5.1 Wrapping Up

Hey, welcome to the final video of up and running with OnlyOffice presentations. We're just gonna have a very quick summary of what we've covered. And I'm gonna make a couple suggestions on things that you might like to check out next. So, we pretty much covered just about everything that you could possibly do with this software. We went over all the different installation options that you have, the online and offline versions. We covered how the interface works, how you work with slides and their settings. We talked about adding and formatting text and using text art. We covered how to work with images and make basic and more advanced edits to those images. How to work with the shapes, control their styling and how to use those shapes as text boxes as well. Then, we covered themes and color schemes, how they work in with the presentation system. How to use tables and charts, we covered the collaboration features that are available in only office presentations and we looked at how you can use a PowerPoint presentation that comes from elements or anywhere else inside of OnlyOffice presentations. This software is really really impressive, especially when you consider that if you choose you can access it completely free of charge. You have the hosted services there if you want those hosted services. Or if not, then you have options that are just completely freely available to you and I think that's fantastic. As for what to do next, I definitely recommend digging into some of these amazing, beautiful designs that a whole bunch of people have painstakingly put together and made available through in photo elements. Some of the design work here is just outstanding and it really can save you a heap of time. As I mentioned, whether you wanna use the predefined layouts or if you're just looking to access different color schemes inside OnlyOffice that you can use for your own slide designs instead. And then, the other thing is I would definitely recommend checking out the other two pieces of software that are available within OnlyOffice and that is their word processing software and the spreadsheet software. So, I just show you in the desktop version. We've got the Spreadsheet software, which is your alternative obviously to Excel. And just like with presentations, it has file format compatibility with Excel, so you can see up here .xlsx. So, you can transfer information in between OnlyOffice and Microsoft Office if you need to. And the spreadsheet software also supports open file formats for spreadsheets. It supports ODS, file formats and OTS file formats, meaning you have compatibility with other open source software as well. Then we have the document software, which is your alternative to Microsoft Word. And in fact, this was actually the software that drew me to this package in the first place. I like to use Linux a lot. And I heard a bit of buzz among the Linux community about how good this word processing software is. I tried it out, I was really impressed. And in the course of trying out the word processing software, that's when I discovered the excellent presentation software as well. So all three of these programs are really, really good. They're all free and open source. They all have that Cloud hosting option as well and they're all really easy and convenient to access from within the same interface. So I definitely highly recommend checking out these other applications as well. They're all free and open source. So, there is really no risk to giving them a shot if you need some word processing, or spreadsheet software, as well as some presentation software. That brings us to the end of our final video end to the end of our course. I hope that you feel you have a pretty solid grasp on how to use this software now and that you're fully equipped to make the kind of presentations that you need using this software. So as always, thank you so much for taking this course and I will see you in the next one.

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