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4.5 Working With an Elements Presentation

Finally, let’s complete our process of getting up and running with OnlyOffice Presentations by bringing in a premade presentation from Envato Elements and seeing what adjustments we need to make after import.

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4.5 Working With an Elements Presentation

Hey, welcome back to up and running with OnlyOffice Presentations. This is the last video of the course, and we're just gonna quickly check out a couple of the things you should be aware of when you wanna use OnlyOffice Presentations to work with existing PowerPoint presentations from Envato Elements or from anywhere else that you might be getting your presentations. First up, I just want to show you how to find presentations on elements. So we're going to go up to browse and then we're gonna go to presentation templates. Now strictly speaking, you can actually open any one of these presentations inside and the office presentations. But you're gonna probably get slightly better results if you just go with PowerPoint presentations rather than keynote or Google Slides presentations. There's just a bit better compatibility and not as a strict rule, but as a general rule, you likely to need to make fewer tweaks once you've imported the template in order to get everything perfect. And you'll see the kind of little tweaks I'm talking about in just a moment. So if you wanna refine this down to just showing you PowerPoint templates, then just check this box here. And then you can go ahead and browse through all the presentations that are available. And the cool thing is, you remember that the color schemes from these presentations will be picked up by on the office presentations. So then even if you want to completely do all your own slides from scratch, these presentations can be a great way to get color schemes into only offers, so that you can use them in your own slide layouts. Once you've downloaded one of the presentations that you're gonna be working with, even before you do anything else, the first thing that you should do is make sure you have the required fonts installed on your system. In pretty much every template that you download, you'll get something like this a documentation text file or maybe a PDF. And it'll let you know which fonts are used in the presentation and that you should have on your system in order to make edits to it. So for example, here in documentation txt for the Clorama presentation template, it tells us that we need to have the Lavery font, and it gives a link where we could go and download it. It also tells us that we need to have the Calibri font, which should be pre-installed on your system if you're using Mac or Windows. If you're using Linux, you should be able to find it probably in repositories for your distro. Once you have the required fonts installed, if you're using the online version of presentations, you wanna click this button here to upload the presentation that you want to work with, it will appear here. And then to edit it, hit this drop down and choose Edit. If you're working with the desktop version, then you can just open the presentation up directly or drag and drop it onto the interface. So if I go into this standard sized folder, we've already seen the light version of this template. So now, let's have a look at the dark version. And we'll have a look at a different color scheme. So now, I just drag and drop. It's gonna load up the presentation, and there we go. Now, it's all there ready for me to work with. And incidentally, it has a whole different color scheme ready to be used. So the import process of a PowerPoint file into presentations is pretty good, it's almost perfect. Pretty much all you need to check for generally speaking is, if there are any alignments that are just slightly out of whack. I'm actually going to go back to the light Clorama, because I just enjoy looking at the colors more, and let's have an example of where the alignment is not quite perfect. So here, we've got this button here that says, business project and the text is not quite centered horizontally. So there is a couple of ways that we can fix this. We can just increase the size of the box and then set the alignment to be in the middle, so that's one way. Or probably the easiest way, is just to move the whole box down a little bit. Sometimes you might find an instance where you've got a few bits of text that just slightly misaligned horizontally. So then, you can select the first box, hold control, select the next box and the next box and then just use your arrow keys to improve that alignment. Another thing I want to mention when you're working with one of these premade templates is, one of the reasons that you might choose to work with a premade template is that you really like the topography and the styling that's already built into the system. Unfortunately, there are no predefined styles, so you can't just say, okay, this must be a hidden one block of text, so I'll just apply a hidden one style. So the thing to remember is that, if you just want to reuse existing size that are inside one of these templates. So let's just have some random text. Just remember that you can always highlight your text and use the copy, and paint style option to reuse those nicely designed styles anywhere throughout your presentation. And the only other thing that I just wanted to recap in context with using a template is sometimes they can be a lot of different slides in a premade templates, sometimes there can be 150 slides. And when you're trying to use these slides to put together your own presentation. You wanna be able to test the presentation that you're creating without needing to work around 150 slides that you don't want to delete out of your document because you need to use them, but you also don't wanna see them every play test. So just remember that you can select multiple slides. Actually, let's start with this one. I mentioned that you can use control, click, but you can also scroll all the way to the end of a big selection of slides, hold and Shift, click the last slide. And now all of these slides are selected. I can right-click and choose Hide Slide. And now, when I want to play test my presentation, the only slides I'm gonna see are one, two and three. So there, we've got slide one, slide two, slide three and then we're done. All the other slides are hidden. And with that, we are now all done getting up and running with OnlyOffice presentations. We just have one more video left in the course, we're just gonna have a quick summary of what we've covered and talk about a couple of things that you might like to try next. So I hope you'll join me in the final video of this course. I'll see you there.

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