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4.2 Tables

Learn how to work with tables within OnlyOffice Presentations in this lesson. We’ll see how to insert tables, merge and split cells, add and remove rows and columns, distribute rows and columns, and control your tables’ styling.

4.2 Tables

Hey, welcome back to Up and Running with OnlyOffice presentations. In this video, we're gonna see how you can work with tables in a presentation. Okay, so first inserting tables. To insert a table, you need to go to the Insert tab, and then you have the Table button here. Click it, and it will give you a grid that you can use to determine how many rows and how many columns should be in your table. So we can draw out some rows and columns here. Or alternatively, we can choose Insert custom table, and then we can type in the exact number of columns and rows that we want to use. So I'll just say. Sometimes when you insert a table, it might get inserted over top of another one. So then, you can just click and drag to move into the position that you want it to be. So that covers how you can insert your tables. If you want, you can also resize your tables, and the rows and columns will distribute themselves evenly. Next up, we're gonna see how you can control the styling of your tables. And you remember, I said in previous lessons that the coloring of your tables is completely controlled by your color scheme. So if you want to change the color, you can go up here to Select from Template. And then, you can choose from any of the colors that you see in this drop-down. And these are all pulled from the theme colors that have been extracted from the presentation that you're working with. So if you change your color scheme, let's say to this one, then the colors that you have available for your tables are going to change. So as I mentioned before, make sure that the color scheme that you choose is gonna work for your tables and charts before you commit to using that color scheme. So generally speaking, the styling of your table is controlled by this top portion of the tables panel. Up here, we've got a bunch of toggles that control whether your header is styled differently. Whether you have a total row at the bottom that's styled differently. Whether you have alternate coloring or banding in the rows. Whether you wanna highlight the first column, the last column. And whether you wanna have all the columns banded as well. Next up, we can set borders for your table. So I'm gonna choose a pretty thick border so it's easy to see. And we choose a fairly highly contrasted color. Actually, let's make it really obvious, we'll go with this pinky color. And now, to apply a border you need to choose one of these buttons. So if I just want to put a border around every single cell on this table, I have the whole table selected, and then I can press this button here that applies the border everywhere. Then, if I want to get rid of all those borders, I can press this button here to set no borders at all. So each one Of these buttons will apply a border to a different side, or numerous sides of the selected cells. So you can see there, how that works when you have the whole table selected. But you can also just select a few cells at once, and then do the same thing and apply borders just to those selected cells. And again, just using whichever button you want to apply the borders where you want. In the same way, you can also apply a background color to cells. So I'm going to select a few cells here. And I'm gonna choose a different background color to apply to just those cells. And again, if I have the whole table selected, and I apply a background color, then it colors everything. And if you have applied custom background and border colors, and then you choose another theme up here, then it's gonna overwrite any custom settings that you have added in. So just be aware of that, and be careful when you're changing up these themes. Okay, the next thing you're gonna wanna know is how you can insert rows and columns. So if you wanna insert a single column or row, just put your cursor into an existing cell. Then, you can either right-click and go to Insert, and insert a row above or below, and a column left or right. So insert a row below. And we will insert a column to the left. I'm just gonna undo that so I can show you the other way that's available. Or you can go over to this rows and columns section in the sidebar. And then, just choose the same thing. Insert a row below or insert a column. To delete cells, or rows, or columns, it's the same thing. Just make sure that you have all the columns selected that you want to remove. Right-click, and then choose Delete. And to merge cells, let's say we just wanna have one title here along the top. Select the cells you wanna merge, right-click, and choose Merge Cells. Conversely, if you want to split those cells, right-click > Split Cells. And then, let's put this back the way it was by choosing one row and three columns. And we saw before that you could resize the entire table by grabbing these handles and dragging it to the size that you want. But you can also change the cell size here by just increasing or decreasing the amount. On the height or the width. And just like with most of these functions, you can apply that to the whole table. Or you can apply it just to single rows or columns. And then, if you have rows and columns that are different heights or different widths and you want to have them all evenly distributed again, then make sure you have the cursor in any cell. And then, you can press distribute rows to make your rows all the same height, or distribute columns to make your columns all the same width. And that is the key information to help you work with tables in OnlyOffice presentations. In the next video, we're gonna see how you can work with charts using the inbuilt chart system. So for that, I will see you in the next lesson.

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